Thanksgiving Day Parade Celebrated Amid Heightened Security (Video)

By Paul Blake, ABC News

Amid worries of a potential terror threat, the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade went down without a hitch.

With the sound of helicopters buzzing low in the sky and a heavy police presence on the streets, New York City was under tight security on Thursday morning as it hosted the iconic parade.

Security for the event was heightened even as officials said there was no specific or credible threat.

(The iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York kicked off amid unprecedented security, with more than 3.5 million people flood the streets of the city. ISIS recently called the parade an “excellent target.” Jamie Yuccas reports from the start of the parade route near Central Park, with a look at the the plans to protect the millions of spectators. Courtesy of CBS this Morning and YouTube)

The additional security measures came after a year of attacks by the terrorist group ISIS.

Macys Parade Route
Macys Parade Route

In July, a French-Tunisian man ploughed into revelers celebrating France’s National Day in the coastal town of Nice with a grenade-filled truck; bombs exploded at a Brussels airport and a metro station in the Belgium city in April; and in June three suicide attackers killed 44 people with gunfire and explosions at the Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul.

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members are deployed throughout the City to ensure the safety of all participants & spectators for this year’s

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The Unit provided aerial security for all participants and spectators at the

Anxious to get a spot close enough to see the floats, reveling families weaved around dump trucks filled with sand, acting as a barrier against vehicular attacks on side streets that flanked the parade route. At key intersections, officers in tactical gear stood guard with assault rifles strapped across their chest.

Despite the measures, the spirit of the day did not appear to be tempered.

During the morning hours, long lines had formed outside of cafés near the route in New York’s Upper West Side neighborhood, as residents and visitors sought warm drinks to ward against the chilly temperature. Street vendors gleefully hawked hats looking like turkeys to passersby.

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