TiaLinx Features ‘Sense-Through’ Unmanned Products at IDEX-2017

TiaLinx, a developer of multi-spectra sensors integrated with drones and land robots, will be showcasing its Eagle5 and Lynx10 family of products at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX-2017) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on February 19-23, 2017.

Trust International Group, has been selected as TiaLinx’s UAE reseller and will showcase many of the products to include:

  • Eagle5-NN (sense-through-the-wall module capable of seamless integration with legacy robots)
  • Eagle5-NC (dual function GPR, and breathing and motion detector of persons behind thick concrete)
  • Lynx10-B (sense-through-the-air module for detecting live persons underneath the rubble of a collapsed building)

The light advanced sensors are designed to detect the existence of live persons inside a compound, while their high-resolution display capabilities clearly indicate the precise location of live persons.

Unmatched in the industry, TiaLinx’s patented Wafer-Scale™ beamforming and use of coded ultra-wideband radar technologies enables the sensing and networking of the units to identify and track multiple individuals through thick concrete walls.

Eagle5 Integrated with Drone
Eagle5 Integrated with Drone (Image Credit: TiaLinx)

The impulse-based ultra-wideband system is superior to the single or multi-frequency ultra-wideband Doppler technologies in many ways:

  • Traditional Doppler solutions are based on motion sensing and thus become inefficient in motionless scenarios, where a person is hiding or pretending to be expired; and
  • Significant attenuation is also encountered in sensing through thick concrete, which forces the use of higher power transmissions that are environmentally hazardous or cause the failure of communication devices.

In contrast, ultra low-power transmitter of TiaLinx’s impulse radar system boasts superior performance from massive signal processing to enhance its detection capability and is undetectable by adversaries.

TiaLinx, develops advanced electronic modules with very small form factors, highly integrated functionality, and highly differentiated performances for a wide range of defense and security applications.

TiaLinx has more than eighty granted patents, as well as numerous pending patent applications related to its sense-through-the-wall, sense-through-the-ground™, sense-through-the-roof™ and sense-through-the-air™ products.

In addition to the defense communities, TiaLinx is uniquely positioned to serve port authorities, border protection agencies, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as first responder communities in spreading their life-saving efforts globally.