Top Cybersecurity Expert ‘Hacked Again’

Scott N. Schober, CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc., Cybersecurity and Wireless Technology Expert, has released his latest cybersecurity defense in the form of his new book entitled ‘Hacked Again’. After appearing on every major media news outlet, hundreds of radio, TV and internet interviews and dispensing vital security knowledge via his weekly blog and video podcast series all while running his own security firm, Scott became the target of multiple and expensive hacks.

Scott N. Schober, details his own story of being hacked and how he overcame the associated stigma and fear. Schober takes readers through his own revelations and channels his gut-wrenching anxiety into practical steps that any small business or individual could easily understand and implement.

“I was appearing in front of millions of viewers telling them how to stay safe from hackers all while being attacked myself. It was a scary time for me and my business,” says Schober.

Hacked Again is divided into 3 distinct sections, Schober’s personal hacking story as a business owner, practical tips to stay safe for all readers and recent major cyberbreaches covered by Schober and how they relate to all of us. The book takes aim at subjects such as identity theft, the Dark Web, passwords, spam, ransomware and hacker psychology. Simple tips are offered throughout ‘Hacked Again’ to keep consumers, small business owners and anyone on the Internet safe.

“How can the little guys anticipate and prepare for a potential hack? For starters, they should read Schober’s book – which he could have just as easily named ‘The Original Hacker’s Dictionary For Small Business Owners’.” –  Forbes Magazine 

“Cybersecurity Bible for small business owners.” – Steve Morgan of Cybersecurity Business Report

“I will be incorporating Hacked Again into my cybersecurity courses. There is no other book that lays this great of a cybersecurity foundation, and also details recent hacks of major corporations.”  – Professor Jonathan S. Weissman, RIT/FLCC/Nazareth College

“Hacked Again is a well written book that I recommend without hesitation — especially as a primer for business owners or even government business pros who want to understand what really happens before, during and after data breaches or security incidents that occur regarding your own accounts.”  – Dan Lohrmann, Government Technology

Hacked Again is available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Barnes and Noble or for direct purchase from Scott Schober’s website at

About Scott N. Schober

Scott N. Schober is the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a 40+ year old NJ-based privately held company and leading provider of advanced, wireless test and security solutions. Scott is a highly sought-after subject expert on the topic of cybersecurity and often seen on every major TV network, cybersecurity industry events and his own weekly video podcast on iTunes and Youtube.