Tyco Security Products Signs the Boston 100% Talent Compact (Video)

Tyco Security Products, recently signed on to 100% Talent: The Boston Women’s Compact, a first-in-the-nation, business community-driven effort to level the playing field for working women.

By signing the 100% Talent Compact, Tyco Security Products has joined forces with the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, a public-private partnership between the City of Boston and Boston University, and close to 200 other Boston-area employers to close the gender wage gap.

According to the Boston Women’s Workforce Council’s 2016 report, women who work in Greater Boston earn significantly less than their male colleagues, while women are the majority of both Boston’s residents and workforce.

(Learn More. Women in Greater Boston make 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. MaryRose Mazzola, Executive Director from the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, joins Liam Martin and Paula Ebben to discuss the study. Courtesy of CBS Boston and YouTube)

Tyco Security Products recognizes that this pay discrepancy poses consequences on the company’s talent pool and that women are one of Boston’s assets: when women thrive, companies and communities thrive.

“Tyco Security Products is pleased to participate in such an important endeavor,” said Anita Santos, Vice President, Marketing, Tyco Security Products.

“We recognize that women should receive fair pay not only because they deserve it and it is the right thing to do, but also because we all succeed when everyone has similar opportunities.

“With women in Boston making up more than half of the workforce, not only do families do better, but so does the city’s economy.”

The Council’s mission is to:

  • Work with the businesses in the Greater Boston area in a private-public endeavor to eliminate the gender wage gap
  • Remove the visible and invisible barriers to women’s advancement, and
  • Ensure that 100 percent of the talent pool is used to make Boston the best area in the country for working women

(Learn More, courtesy of Boston City TV and YouTube)

As a signer of the 100% Talent, Tyco Security Products will work with the Council to take concrete, measurable steps to eliminate the wage gap within its own company and to report its progress anonymously every two years.

Tyco Security ProductsFor more information or to join the 100% Talent Compact, check out: www.bostonwomensworkforcecouncil.com

For more information about Tyco Security Products, go to www.tycosecurityproducts.com.