UK Police Forces Deploy Axon Body Cameras Backed by

Axon has been awarded a contract to provide Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police forces in the UK, with 2,200 Axon Body 2 cameras and 196 Axon Flex 2 cameras.

The police forces secured a two-year subscription to the Axon cloud solution,, to help store, manage and share data from the body cameras and other digital evidence sources.

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“We are delighted to be providing Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police their body-worn camera and digital evidence management solution,” said Axon’s UK Sales Director Jeremy Habberley.

Jeremy Habberley, Axon UK Sales Director
Jeremy Habberley, Axon UK Sales Director

“By partnering with Axon, the two forces will have access to cutting-edge technology that will allow them to take on the challenges of modern day policing.”

When you need to stay focused, count on Axon Body 2 to record the situation at hand.

This single-unit, on-officer camera features unlimited HD video and industry-leading security enhancements.

Connect, stream, and feel confident – Axon Body 2 has your back

Recording evidence is just the beginning.

Axon Body 2 is more than a camera. It’s a fully-connected, wireless device that updates every 30 days.

When you’re in the field, you can capture and stream video with complete integration in our suite of mobile and cloud applications.

Axon & Platform

Thousands of law enforcement agencies are now on the Axon network of devices, apps and people that includes body cameras, smart weapons and digital evidence management.

(Learn More, courtesy of TASER International and YouTube)

The Axon network helps protect our police officers and the communities they serve:

Smart Devices

  • Body cameras and in-car video that leverage technology such as Bluetooth® wireless technology and Wi-Fi to better track and manage data

Unified and Integrated Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

  • One platform that removes siloed DEMS through cloud computing, integrations across media points, and open file standards that do not require proprietary file formats or media players

Connected Ecosystem

  • From capture to courtroom, securely share and track digital evidence across public safety stakeholders

Digital Verification and Audit Logs

  • Record every interaction with any piece of digital evidence including capture, ingest, retrieve, manage, and share

Advanced Security

  • Industry–leading people, practices, and products that comply with CJIS at both the infrastructure and application layers and ISO/IEC 27001

Taser logoTASER International continues to define smarter policing with its Axon brand which includes a growing suite of connected products and services from body cameras and digital evidence management tools to mobile apps.

More than 177,000 lives have been saved from death or serious injury with TASER’s products and services.

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