Ultra Electronics Unveils the HyperSpike TCPA-10 (Hear it)

Ultra Electronics USSI has released the TCPA-10, a revolutionary indoor and outdoor directional speaker for general public notification and emergency signaling.

The TCPA-10 utilizes patented HyperSpike technology to project clear, intelligible voice commands, and penetrating alert tones with a maximum output of 139dB.

Directly powered from a fire alarm control panel or through commercially-available amplification systems, this best-in-class acoustic coverage allows for fewer units to be installed in large indoor and outdoor facilities, lowering installation and long-term life cycle maintenance costs.

(HyperSpike HS-10 uses unique and proprietary technology for a portable acoustic hailing device that produces industry leading acoustic output and voice intelligibility. Courtesy of Ultra Electronics USSI and YouTube)

The speaker is capable of working with 25V, 70V, or 100V fire alarm systems and an integrator can adjust to different voltage tap settings during installation.

The HyperSpike TCPA-10 is extremely lightweight at 9 lbs, and modular – allowing users to select from a single or double horn configuration.

The double horn configuration, offers 180 degrees of coverage
The double horn configuration, offers 180 degrees of coverage

A single horn configuration delivers 90 degrees of acoustical coverage while the double horn configuration, offers 180 degrees of coverage.

Typical indoor and outdoor applications include:

  • Airports and Airport Hangars
  • Campus Communications
  • Arenas and Stadiums
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Warehouses
  • Corporate grounds, and
  • Parking structures

“The TCPA-10 delivers industry leading voice quality and intelligibility, combined with sharp and high impact tone capability make it the right choice for ensuring critical messages are heard, and understood,” said Patrick Allison, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for USSI.

Patrick Allison, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for USSI
Patrick Allison, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for USSI

“This best-in-industry technology, coupled with rugged, corrosion resistant construction, makes it ideal for clear and consistent messaging in high background noise and environmentally harsh environments.”

Ultra Electronics is an internationally successful defense, security, transport and energy company with a long track record of development and growth, managing a portfolio of specialist capabilities generating innovative solutions to customer needs.

Ultra applies electronic and software technologies in demanding and critical environments ranging from military applications, through safety-critical devices in aircraft, to nuclear controls and sensor measurement.

Across the Group’s three divisions, Ultra operates in the following eight market segments:
Ultra Electronics USSI

Ultra has world-leading positions in many of its specialist capabilities and, as an independent, non-threatening partner, is able to support all of the main prime contractors in its sectors.

As a result of such positioning, Ultra’s systems, equipment or services are often mission or safety-critical to the successful operation of the platform to which they contribute.