Ultrarealistic Simulation for Training & VR with Prepar3D v4 (See Video)

Pilots, instructors and enthusiasts can dive into immersive training as Lockheed Martin has released Prepar3D v4.

Prepar3D is Lockheed Martin’s flagship simulation and training software solution that offers the most versatile, immersive and engaging training experiences for the next generation.

(Learn More. Training meets reality with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® v3 simulation software. Private pilots, commercial organizations, academia, and military forces rely on Prepar3D for immersive, experiential learning. Courtesy of Lockheed Martin and YouTube)

Sandy Samuel, vice president, Training and Simulation Solutions
Sandy Samuel, vice president, Training and Simulation Solutions

“Training meets reality with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D simulation software, and v4 provides unprecedented realism,” said Sandy Samuel, vice president, Training and Simulation Solutions.

“While initially the premier tool for training both commercial and military aviators, Prepar3D has grown to drive simulation for almost any vehicle in the air, at sea, underwater or even in the depths of space.”

Prepar3D v4 relies on 64-bit architecture to deliver unparalleled realism.

This new version features major visual upgrades including enhanced virtual reality support, a new realistic lighting system, 3D weather capabilities, 40 high-detail cities and more than 24,900 airports across the globe.

(Learn More. Graphics settings are extreme, see 12:25 min mark for details of graphics settings used. F16 was provided to LM by Aerosoft and LM have updated the aircraft to work in V4. Courtesy of Lockheed Martin, Rob Ainscough and YouTube)

Adam Breed Prepar3D engineering project manager
Adam Breed Prepar3D engineering project manager

The new release also features improvements to performance and a fully redesigned user interface.

“We are thrilled for Prepar3D v4 to be fully converted to 64-bit so users can take advantage of the full power of modern systems,” says Adam Breed Prepar3D engineering project manager.

“This release pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in courseware training and experiences, including vast improvements to performance, graphical fidelity, and the number of entities that can be concurrently simulated in global-scale scenarios.”

Prepar3D v4 provides tools to simplify the process of creating courseware for self-paced training environments and instructor-led classrooms.

Lockheed Martin logoThe Lockheed Martin team partnered with both commercial and internal users to help redesign its Software Development Kit (SDK), which enables third-party development of custom add-ons, from the ground up.

For more details and a complete listing of new and enhanced Prepar3D v4 features visit our website: www.prepar3d.com