US Army Mission Command Selects SitaWare for C4I (Learn More – Video)

U.S. Army Mission Command has awarded a multi-million dollar contract to Systematic Inc., a new supplier of IT solutions to the US military for its Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) C4I product, SitaWare.

With the SitaWare solution, the U.S. Army gets a command and control system that provides the warfighter with greater situational awareness at all levels of command, as well as easier cooperation with other forces and greater security.

(SitaWare EDGE, SitaWare FRONTLINE, SitaWare HEADQUARTERS advanced and complete C4I solution, from the tactical edge right up to higher headquarters. Courtesy of Systematic A/S and YouTube)

Systematic Inc. President and retired U.S. Army Col. Rafael Torres is excited to bring the capability to the Army.

“SitaWare meets most of the Army’s C4I requirements straight out-of-the-box,” said Torres.

In addition, he highlighted SitaWare’s open architecture which allows for integration with legacy and third party systems.

(See the unique C4I capabilities in SitaWare Headquarters 6, all available directly in a browser. Courtesy of Systematic A/S and YouTube)

“It also has built-in support for international information exchange standards providing unmatched interoperability with international allies and intra-operability between U.S. forces,” Torres said.

“With this award, SitaWare will become a key component of the Army Common Operating Environment, and Systematic will work with Mission Command and industry partners to develop a common framework to enhance intra-operability between U.S. and Coalition Partners.”

(Image Credit: Systematic Inc.)

SitaWare is a software product suite providing robust situational awareness of blue and red force data at all levels of command.

Each dedicated product in the suite is specifically designed for the challenges facing commanders in headquarters, mounted and dismounted environments, to provide unrivalled tactical data communication.

SitaWare was selected as the architecture framework for the Command Post Computing Environment, allowing for immediate third party development of integrated Command Post, Mounted and Dismounted tactical computing capabilities.

Systematic Inc.Systematic Inc. supplies software products and services to the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Homeland Security on some of the nation’s most sensitive programs.