Usher & Symmetry to Deliver Smartphone Access Control (Video)

AMAG Technology, a security solution provider specializing in access control, video management, policy-based identity solutions and visitor management, and MicroStrategy, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms, today announced a modern, next-generation physical access control solution combining MicroStrategy’s Usher and AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Access Control.

The integration delivers:

  • A modern user experience with digital identity on smartphones;
  • Improved security and access controls with centrally managed digital credentials, flexible multi-factor authentication and automated credential revocation;
  • Continuous policy compliance by leveraging real-time user access intelligence; and
  • Reduced operational costs for identity, credentialing and access management by simplifying life-cycle process workflows, data exchange, and compatibility with existing access control infrastructure.

“The combination of MicroStrategy’s Usher and AMAG’s Symmetry delivers a superior, next-generation physical access control solution that addresses a critical need in the market,” said Tim Lang, Chief Technology Officer at MicroStrategy Incorporated.

“By turning your mobile device into a digital badge, organizations can unlock extraordinary levels of access intelligence, often underutilized, on enterprise access and authentication.”

(Usher is a mobile identity platform designed to replaces traditional forms of enterprise identity such as IDs, passwords, and tokens, with mobile identity badges on a smartphone. Courtesy of MicroStrategy and YouTube)

Dave Ella, Vice President of Product Marketing, AMAG Technology

“This insight can be used to make critical decisions that investigate access anomalies, enhance operational awareness, and personalize authentication to enterprise assets, leading to smarter, more productive workforces.”

“AMAG’s Symmetry Preferred Partner Program offers a wide portfolio of seamlessly integrated security technologies for Symmetry users, including identity management, video, visitor management and biometrics, all on a single platform,” said Dave Ella, Vice President of Product Marketing at AMAG Technology.

“Our collaboration with MicroStrategy offers an option for AMAG customers worldwide to implement the Usher mobile identity solution with their Symmetry installation, taking advantage of the recent trend towards secure digital identity without the need for a smart card.”

How Usher Works with Symmetry

Usher, the digital identity component of the MicroStrategy 10™ platform, is a mobile application that replaces or augments traditional identity credentials and physical access systems.

Usher badges collect telemetry and transaction data as well as centrally-managed privilege settings from Symmetry to enable continuous compliance, behavioral analytics, alerts, and customizable dashboards and reports. This rich set of data can be used by organizations to uncover access anomalies and intelligence, introduce additional factors of authentication, or assign new badge types and requirements.

To learn more about how MicroStrategy 10 helps enterprises digitize access to facilities, download a copy of the white paper Digital Transformation of Facilities with MicroStrategy 10.

Usher and Symmetry Provide Ease of Use and Configurable Security Controls


Usher supports a variety of methods for a registered user to gain access to Symmetry-authorized access points (doors, gates, turnstiles, etc.) by tapping soft keys, scanning QR codes and NFC tags, and leveraging Bluetooth® communication.

Bluetooth enables micro-location services with facility mapping and enables built-in, two-way secure communication for personnel, contractors and visitors.

Usher can be bound to a user’s specific mobile device, including support for rapid, remote issuance and revocation. Usher also supports geo-fencing and date/time-fencing, as well as both biometric and PIN verification for multi-factor or step-up authentication, some or all of which can be enforced at one or more Symmetry-authorized access points or facilities.

Usher can also serve as a unified identity credential for enterprise users by providing logical access authentication to enterprise assets, such as Windows® and Mac® computers (including via Bluetooth) and enterprise networks and directories. It can also deliver web and application Single Sign On (SSO) leveraging SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect and other integrations.

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AMAG Technology’s Unified Symmetry™ Security Management Solutions can be found in a wide spectrum of markets: government, commercial, education, transportation, healthcare, utilities and banking. Symmetry architecture has been rigorously tested and approved for federal government compliance by Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM), HSPD-12 and FIPS-201 regulations.

Headquartered in Torrance, California with sales and support located throughout the Americas, EMEA and APAC, AMAG provides customers with industry leading security solutions. AMAG Technology is part of G4S plc, the leading global integrated security company which has operations on six continents and 610,000 employees.

As AMAG Technology looks to the future, the next generation of products will bring the core aspects of security to evolve beyond integrated solutions – Symmetry.