V5 Systems Turnkey Industrial IoT Security Solutions at ISC West

V5 Systems will introduce a self-powered V5 License Plate Reader (V5 PSU-LPR) and smart V5 Portable Power Unit (V5 PPU), along with debuting a Multi-sensor Secure Operation Center
V5 Systems will introduce a self-powered V5 License Plate Reader (V5 PSU-LPR) and smart V5 Portable Power Unit (V5 PPU), along with debuting a Multi-sensor Secure Operation Center

V5 Systems, who is co-exhibiting with Arrow Electronics, Panasonic and Pelco by Schneider Electric, will be showcasing the latest self-powered edge computing technology for the security industry at ISC West in Las Vegas, NV April 11-13th.

Responding to the surge of growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), V5 Systems will introduce two new solutions, a portable V5 License Plate Reader and a smart V5 Portable Power Unit, running on the company’s self-powered technology.

(Learn About the V5 Systems Difference. Courtesy of V5 Systems and YouTube)

Simultaneously, V5 Systems is opening a Multi-sensor Secure Operating Center (MSOC) in Las Vegas, equipped to analyze multiple threads of sensor information, including gunshot detection, power and software health status.

V5 Systems’ products are designed to meet the security industry’s growing need to power devices off-grid, away from fixed power and communications infrastructure.

The new products contribute to IIoT’s role in shifting the narrative of security from commoditization to differentiation, and V5 Systems’ turnkey solutions are positioned to help drive this movement to the outdoors.

Collaborate for Success at ISC West 2018

V5 Systems’ co-exhibitors are critical to the move toward a non-commoditized security space.

This collaboration allows security to be expanded to outdoor areas rapidly, without the need to trench for power and communications.

  • Arrow Electronics (ARW) is bringing physical security applications to market through the Seneca brand, enabling customers to simplify security and deploy solutions faster.
    • Arrow is working with V5 Systems to expand the use cases of security products and will be showcasing the V5 Portable Security Unit with Acoustic Gunshot Detection (V5 PSU-GSL) at the conference to draw attention to the immediate benefits of additional security applications.

(Learn More about the V5 Systems Gunshot Detection Unit. Courtesy of V5 Systems and YouTube) 

  • Pelco by Schneider Electric (SE) will be using the V5 Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP) to power its security cameras and expand surveillance and decision-making to the outdoors.
    • Pelco is especially eager to highlight how this joint solution can address the challenges endemic to traffic monitoring, at a time when the rules of the road are in flux.
  • Panasonic (PCRFY) and V5 Systems are collaborating to integrate Panasonic cameras seamlessly with V5 Systems’ V5 Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP), in keeping with Panasonic’s emphasis on turnkey simplicity.
    • The V5 CAP will complement Panasonic’s Video Management Software (VMS), one of its featured products at the show, exemplifying how IIoT integration can create robust outdoor applications.

This collaboration demonstrates the growing synergy of IIoT and security, enabling faster decision-making in previously inaccessible environments.

A New Security Landscape Demands New Solutions 

V5 Systems will introduce a next-generation, self-powered V5 License Plate Reader (V5 PSU-LPR) and smart V5 Portable Power Unit (V5 PPU), two market-ready Industrial IoT solutions that wirelessly expand security to the outdoors.

These products improve outdoor security through increased data processing speed.

Operating on the principles of Edge Computing, where analytics processed on the device itself allow for fast, verified alerts, first responders can make decisions more quickly.

In addition, the self-powered platform enables each unit to be deployed in under 30 minutes.

 (Learn More about the V5 Portable Security Unit. Courtesy of V5 Systems and YouTube) 

V5 Portable License Plate Reader (V5 PSU-LPR)

U.S. cities have deployed license plate reading technology to help local police departments find Amber Alert victims, stolen vehicles or getaway cars, and, by tracking crime patterns, hone in on criminal hideouts.

The cities that have deployed license plate readers as part of their surveillance-camera systems have improved their crime-fighting statistics.

For example, Sacramento, California, credits the technology with helping the city drop from number 6 to number 13 in national per capita auto thefts since 2015.

While traditional LPRs are a critical tool for law enforcement, use has been limited to parking garages and intersections where cities can access power, along with the occasional heavy-duty, vehicle-mounted units.

They also typically only operate in low-speed zones, which curtails their usefulness.

V5 Portable LPR Security Unit
V5 Portable LPR Security Unit

The V5 Portable LPR Security Unit is the world’s first self-powered, portable, edge-computing license plate reading solution.

  • By analyzing data on the device itself as opposed to sending information to a central server for processing, this unit generates real-time alerts, enabling proactive security, unlike traditional LPR that has been used for after-the-fact forensic evidence gathering.
  • It can operate accurately in high-speed environments, across multiple lanes.
  • The V5 PSU-LPR enables the industry to deploy an end-to-end LPR solution in a matter of minutes, while eliminating the cost associated with trenching for power and connectivity and the time associated with acquiring the necessary permits.
  • Since the LPR can be easily and quickly moved from one location to another, it can cover hotspots as they’re identified, a feature that is highly valued by security providers and police departments.

V5 Smart Portable Power Unit (V5 PPU)

Humans perform creative tasks exceptionally, but often fail at routine drudge-work.

By automating power health-status monitoring, the self-powered V5 Smart PPU improves efficiency by eliminating the man-hours physical human verification requires.

V5 Smart Portable Power Unit
V5 Smart Portable Power Unit

The V5 PPU can be used to power remote industrial equipment without any fixed infrastructure, including:

  • Camera and surveillance systems
  • Weather sensors, such as industrial barometers
  • Agricultural sensors, including salinity meters
  • Communications devices, creating Wi-Fi mesh networks
  • Computing platforms for analytics on the edge

The V5 Portable Power Unit solution can be customized with multiple inputs and outputs to fit customers’ remote power needs.

(See a V5 System Rapid Outdoor Security installation. Courtesy of V5 Systems and YouTube)

Las Vegas Expansion and MSOC Debut

During ISC West, V5 Systems will also announce expansion into Las Vegas as a result of the continuing acceleration of the market and growing need for its portable, wireless security and computing products.

The company will host an open house at its new location as part of the event, debuting its MSOC.

The MSOC will provide:

  • Video Monitoring
  • Sensor Monitoring, including gunshot detection
  • Remote guarding
  • Alert based monitoring
  • Software health and power status monitoring

To find V5 Systems and Co-Exhibitors at ISC West, please visit:
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