VA Sheriff Selects Armor Express VPAM-Certified Ballistic Helmet

Central Lake Armor Express, a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor solutions, and the 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Platinum ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner for Best Personal/Protective Equipment Product, is excited to announce that the Washington County Virginia Sheriff’s Office (WCVSO) is one of the first U.S. law enforcement departments to employ Armor Express’ Busch AMP-1 TP helmet.

Certified to the VPAM standard, the AMP-1 TP is currently being worn by the WCVSO’s Special Response Team (SRT) to provide the unit’s officers with critical, high-performance head protection.

(Introducing the worlds first composite and lightest helmet to achieve the VPAM standard. Courtesy of RP07 | VISUELLE MEDIEN Malinowsky & Opperbeck GbR and YouTube)

“Supporting our state and local agencies like the Washington County Sheriff’s Office with the latest and greatest protective gear is at the heart of Armor Express’ mission,” stated David Jones, Director of Federal Sales.

David Jones, Director of Federal Sales, Armor Express
David Jones, Director of Federal Sales, Armor Express

“We understand the needs of officers in their respective jurisdictions, who put their lives on the line every day to safeguard our communities.”

“Whether for the largest federal or domestic law enforcement personnel or smaller departments with modest resources, we strive to provide the most advanced protective solutions ranging from hard armor, carriers and ballistics.”

“The VPAM helmet in particular, provides officers with the most cutting-edge ballistic head protection in the industry.”

Two months in and WCVSO is having a positive experience using the helmet. The SRT unit, which was equipped with the AMP-1 TP in late summer, has commented positively on the helmet’s state-of-the-art functionality, fit and comfort features.

Captain Marty Berry who led an in-depth evaluation of various ballistic helmet offerings, found the AMP-1 TP from Armor Express to be one of the best, if not the best in the market.

Washington County Virginia Sheriff Fred Newman
Washington County Virginia Sheriff Fred Newman

Adding to Captain Berry’s comments, Sheriff Fred Newman stated, “We know that body armor that’s worn on the upper torso doesn’t do much for protecting other critical areas such as the head; it was important for us to find the right type of ballistic helmet that our officers could use and have peace of mind.”

“Now, more than ever, our SRT team is executing a lot more search warrants and they have to respond to more standoffs and hostage situations.”

“Working with Armor Express, we’ve gained valuable insight into the latest helmet innovation and I’m very excited about our collaboration to implement the AMP-1 TP.”

The modular protective visors (Impact, Fragmentation, 9mm/44Mag)
can be added/removed from the helmet within seconds, without ever
having to take off the helmet – always being protected.

Introduced in early 2017, Armor Express’ Busch PROtective AMP-1 TP helmet is certified to VPAM (HVN-2009), the Gold Standard of ballistic testing within Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and brings first rate protection to tactical law enforcement, anti-terror and specialized police officers who may be exposed to close quarter combat and increased risk of being shot within the head region.Armor Express’ Busch PROtective AMP-1 TP helmet

The helmet is constructed of a multi-layered aramid composite, using a patented EBSP method – a unique production technique that creates elite ballistic capabilities previously attainable only in Titanium helmets.

Weighing an average of 3.6 pounds, the AMP-1 TP is able to stop ballistic threats as close as .78” from the edge and multiple shots on a small surface area.

Its increased edge and multi-impact capabilities enhance the helmet’s protective area by up to 50%, compared to standard ballistic helmets.

For the risk of taking multiple hits at close range, another key protective element is the helmet’s ability to transfer and dissipate energy around its shell, thereby reducing blunt force trauma.

Busch-AMP-1-TP VPAM-certified Ballistic Helmet

The helmet’s EBSP process counters this threat, thereby significantly reducing the energy transfer to the skull to less than 25 joules.

VPAM’s extremely high testing requirements measure back-face deformation, ensuring when the helmet is hit by an incoming round, there is minimal energy transferred from the helmet shell to the user’s head.

Further, the AMP-1 TP offers high fragmentation protection of more than 2,034 f/s, according to STANAG 2920.

Armor Express’ Busch PROtective AMP-1 TP helmets Other Vital Features Include:

  • A unique rail-system with speed-connect system (SCS) technology for tactical/modular capability, advanced protective padding system certified to the EN 397 (impact/shock attenuation standard), wheel dial for ultimate uni-sizing flexibility, and protective bag.
  • Modular protective visors with varied protection levels (Blunt Impact, Fragmentation, or 9mm/44Mag) can be added/removed from the helmet within seconds, without ever having to take off the helmet – providing the benefit of always being protected.
  • Additional accessories such as NVG 3-hole shroud, helmet cover (black or green color), helmet Velcro kit, helmet counter weight kit, visor protective cover, and side-rail adaptor.
  • The AMP-1 TP helmet comes in black, green and sand colors.

(See a Busch PROtective helmet comparison. Courtesy of Armor Express and YouTube)

“I am committed to ensuring our officers have the highest protection possible and with the most comfortable features that empower them to do their jobs effectively and return home safely to their families and colleagues,” continued Sheriff.

“While we are a smaller department and they’re costs we must manage, we can’t and don’t put a price on the lives of our officers; rather, we seek always to invest in their safety and success through training and the adoption of innovative equipment.”

“In this vein, we look forward to building our partnership with Armor Express.”

Washington County Virginia Sheriff’s Office

The Washington County Virginia Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the enforcement of all laws enacted by state and local governments, and for the investigation of felonies and misdemeanors committed in Washington County.

  • Washington County SheriffThis Office is responsible for the security of the Washington County Courthouse, the judges, court personnel and individuals who visit the courthouse.
  • Its Civil Process Division serves all civil and criminal papers on individuals who reside in Washington County.
  • The Communications Section dispatches calls to all police, fire and rescue personnel within Washington County and the Towns of Abingdon, Damascus and Glade Spring.
  • The Division of Animal Control oversees the enforcement of County ordinances and state laws pertaining to the control of domesticated animals and the operation of the C. C. Porter Animal Shelter.
  • The Division of Litter Control handles litter complaints and operates the Assign a Highway Program.


The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program

American Security Today’s 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Awards Presentation Luncheon at ISC East was an overwhelming success, with distinguished guests from National, State and Local Governments, and Industry Leading Corporate Executives from companies allied to Government.

Over 100 professionals gathered from across North America and the Middle East to be honored from disciplines across the Security Industry in their respective fields which included:

  • The Department of Homeland Security
  • The Department of Justice
  • The Security Exchange Commission
  • State and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies, and
  • Leaders in Private Security
The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon
The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon

Recognized for their Innovative Training and Education Programs, Outstanding Product Development Achievements and Exciting New Technologies to address the growing Homeland Security Threats our Nation is facing.

American Security Today was formed after careful reflection of 9/11 and its aftermath when the Department of Homeland Security was established and there was an immediate explosion of new products and solutions for what was perceived as an imminent second attack on primary targets in the United States.

As time moved forward from 9/11 itself and in recent years, the threats to our nation have evolved from a large scale 9/11 type attack to:

  • Domestic and International Terrorist Attacks carried out by ‘lone wolves’ and coordinated individuals
  • Cybersecurity breach attacks against our government agencies, financial institutions and critical infrastructure facilities
  • Unprecedented urban violence
  • Cultural shifts and societal media bias, which make it increasingly difficult to secure our nation in this constantly evolving threat environment.
The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon
The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon

These current circumstances have put forward another rapid expansion of new ideas, products and solutions to combat these ever changing challenges.

These changes have called for a new generation of security experts in the Homeland Security and Public Safety fields who need real time knowledge of our ever growing threats.

These experts include the Government at the Federal, State and Local levels as well as from Private Firms specializing in Physical Security, Port Security, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Military and Private Security responsible for implementing coordinated security measures to ensure our Nation’s Security and improve Public Safety.

Together, each of these entities work together seamlessly on the front lines of protecting our communities, to ‘Keep our Nation Secure, One City at a Time.’

AST focuses on Homeland Security and Public Safety Breaking News, the Newest Initiatives and Hottest Technologies in Physical & IT Security, essential to meeting today’s growing security challenges.

To highlight the tremendous accomplishments of agencies and firms receiving this prestigious award, be on the the lookout for American Security Today’s Annual December ‘ASTORS’ Champions Edition – ‘Year in Review.’