Watch Tigers make tracks at Edinburgh Zoo with IndigoVision

At IndigoVision we are proud to continue our support of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) Edinburgh Zoo and the new state of the art Tiger Tracks enclosure.

Tiger Tracks is the new and improved home for Jambi and Baginda, the pair of critically endangered Sumatran tigers who now reside at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo.

Barbara Smith, Interim CEO of the RZSS, said: “Jambi and Baginda’s new home delivers on welfare, breeding and visitor experience grounds.”

“At three-times the size of our previous Sumatran tiger enclosure, Tiger Tracks will provide a more enriching experience for our animals and greater engagement for our visitors.”

The new enclosure boasts climbing structures, heated rocks and ponds to splash in, with natural landscaping similar to the tigers’ native habitat.

The innovative design of the Sumatran tiger exhibit allows visitors to come face to face with these magnificent big cats, whilst webcams around the enclosure will allow visitors to tune in anytime to watch the tigers via the Zoo’s live link on their website.

But don’t take our word for it.

Watch the Sumatran tigers live from Tiger Tracks!

See it for yourself here on the Tiger Cam brought to you by IndigoVision’s BX520 HD Adaptive IR PTZ.

Read more about the official launch here and learn more about the High Definition detail, regardless of ambient light delivered by our BX520 HD Adaptive IR PTZ here.

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(See an overview of IndigoVision’s IP Security solution- cameras, recording, management software. Courtesy of IndigoVision and YouTube)

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