TRU-Vu Waterproof Panel-Mount Touch Screen Ideal for Wash-Down Environments

This unit features a 17” screen, 5-wire resistive touch screen and VGA & DVI inputs. The NEMA 4X waterproof stainless steel panel-mount enclosure will mount easily into panels or walls, providing excellent process monitoring and system control in nearly any environment.

TRU-Vu Monitors, has just released a 17” touch screen in a waterproof panel-mount enclosure. The VMWTRPM-17C-SS is ideal for use in wash-down environments or anywhere a flush-mount touch screen must function in a wet environment.

The new VMWTRPM-17C-SS provides a cost-effective solution for process monitoring, system interface and machine control in challenging environments. It features a 17” screen, 1280 x 1029 resolution, 5-wire resistive touch screen, VGA and DVI inputs, and a NEMA4X waterproof stainless steel panel-mount enclosure. (Note: It is also available with a 1,000-nit brightness panel, for use in direct, bright sunlight.)

The VMWTRPM-17C-SS is perfectly suited for use in industrial plants, military systems and vehicles, amusement parks, museums, industrial machinery, security systems and marine systems.

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