Will Train Stations and Airports of the Future be Patrolled by AI?

HEXWAVE from Liberty Defense, uses a form of low power radar energy that creates 3D images in real-time to detect weapons through clothing and hand-held baggage (backpacks, handbags, etc.).
'ASTORS' AWARD WINNING HEXWAVE from Liberty Defense, uses a form of low power radar energy that creates 3D images in real-time to detect weapons through clothing and hand-held baggage (backpacks, handbags, etc.).

Incidents of terrorism are on the rise, and with concern for public safety at an all-time high, Liberty Defense, through an exclusive license from MIT Lincoln Laboratory, offers  HEXWAVE, enabling discrete, modular, layered protection for high volume foot traffic areas and can be scaled to fit multiple or unique entry points to provide a layered, stand-off detection capability.

(With the serious nature of violent crime and acts of terrorism changing, along with the threat from concealed weapons on the rise, Liberty Defense is working to deliver a safer, more secure future for all of us. Courtesy of Liberty Defense and YouTube. Posted on Mar 10, 2019.)

The challenge:

Efficiently securing high traffic areas with multiple entry points, such as hotels, schools, airports, public transit systems, entertainment venues and outdoor pedestrian locations in a secure, non-intrusive manner.

Liberty Defense’ solution:

HEXWAVE uses active 3D imaging technology and machine learning to scan crowds for weapons without the need for dedicated security checkpoints.

Aligns to the need for “Layered Defense” by providing the “stand-off” detection depth of a layered defense to counter evolving threat environments by providing a means to proactively counter evolving urban threats.

HEXWAVE Technology can be installed into both covert and overt locations to provide early warning of threats to security staff before the threat is carried out.

Real-time and Accurate Detection

  • Works with both traditional and automated security measures to respond appropriately to threats.

Designed for Indoor and Outdoor use

  • Providing a common system for full range of a layered detection defense.

Detects metallic and non-metallic

  • Threat objects such as: guns, assault rifles, knives and explosives.

AI Machine/deep learning to enhance:

  • Sensor fidelity

  • Decision hierarchy

HEXWAVE Key Advantages Include:

Modular Design:

  • Modular architecture is scalable to match varied customer throughput and facilitate multiple entry point screening

AI-Enhanced, 3D Imaging for Real-Time Concealed Threat Images:

  • 3D image information and machine learning produces high fidelity, real-time concealed threat images that are assessed using artificial intelligence (AI).

  • This enables it to address both outdoor and indoor security challenges

Covert Design:

  • Sensors can be concealed within walls or built discreetly into the design of almost any entryway to maintain desired aesthetics

Layered Defense:

  • Greater depth of detection range provides security teams with the stand-off time to counter threats before they infiltrate the premises

HEXWAVE technology can stand alone or can be used in conjunction with other security products.

Its sleek, refined industrial design makes it simple to install, easy to maintain, and discreet to operate.

The market size for weapons detection systems is expected to grow to USD $11 billion by 2025**.

“Currently, there is a significant gap that must be addressed in urban security threat defense,” explains Bill Riker, CEO of Liberty Defense.

“HEXWAVE provides a wider perimeter for early detection beyond just the point solution typically positioned at an entrance of a facility.”

Bill Riker, CEO of Liberty Defense
Bill Riker, CEO of Liberty Defense

“This essential layer will enable security measures to be proactively deployed to detect a threat before it transitions to an attack condition. Liberty Defense can fill this gap,” said Bill Riker, CEO of Liberty Defense.”

“Since 2015, there have been well over 300 mass shooting events in the U.S., many of which have taken place within enclosed areas.”*

“Public venues, corporate or secured buildings, land transportation, schools, hotels, casinos, places of worship, malls and other urban infrastructure can utilize this technology to avoid further tragedies while providing safety and peace of mind to our communities,” concluded Riker.

Liberty Defense

Headquartered in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, Liberty Defense is committed to protecting communities and preserving peace of mind through superior security detection solutions.


*Homeland Security Research Corp.