3xLOGIC Partners to Offer Advanced Video Solution (Learn More)

Bold Technologies, a leading provider of alarm monitoring and PSIM software, recently completed the integration of its ManitouNEO with the 3xLOGIC VIGIL video platform.

The integration leverages all aspects of the ManitouNEO Video Control Center (VCC) and the 3xLOGIC VIGIL software and Multi-Sensor NVR solution.

ManitouNEO is the newest alarm monitoring software from Bold Technologies and was designed to meet the changing needs of the modern central station.

The improved ManitouNEO VCC integrates alarm handling and video into one system for efficient monitoring.

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The integration with the 3xLOGIC video platform is full-featured and highly intuitive. Events triggered from 3xLOGIC devices are delivered to ManitouNEO as intrusion events.

Using ManitouNEO’s Enhanced Action Patterns, central station dispatchers are provided clear instructions on how to handle the video alarm—saving time and ensuring operator consistency.

The integration supports live and recorded video on the same screen, and offers full PTZ control. Other features of the integration include bi-directional audio, and the ability to save reference images and event images for end-users to view.

The integration offers advanced features to Bold Technologies and 3xLOGIC’s shared customers, and helps central station dispatchers accurately gauge alarm situations and reduce false alarms.

“Both 3xLOGIC and Bold have an ambition to satisfy the fast-growing demand for world-class verified video,” said Charlie Erickson, SVP Product Marketing for 3xLOGIC.

“Bold is a major player with over six million subscribers, and we want our combined VIGIL software and Multi-Sensor NVR solution, integrated into Bold’s central station software, to be the preferred solution for those Bold customers who value verified alarms and priority law enforcement response.”

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The integration fully leverages 3xLOGIC’s cloud infrastructure, providing ease of installation and a simplified deployment. Customers have the added benefit of increased IT security as 3xLOGIC’s NVR and cameras do not require open inbound ports at the customer’s router.

Rod Coles, President and CEO of Bold Technologies, commented, “This integration supports the growing demand for Cloud-managed video.

The solution is easy to deploy and gives customers the opportunity to increase revenues through video monitoring and verification services. We are excited to have 3xLOGIC as one of Bold’s premier strategic partners.”

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