About AST

American Security Today is the new face of Homeland Security

AST focuses on New and Evolving Homeland Security Threats at All Levels, that have Law Enforcement, First Responders and Public Safety personnel on the front lines of protecting our communities, cities and nation.

  • Transportation hubs, public assemblies, sports arenas, our nations schools and commercial business
    destinations – are all enticing targets for extremist attacks due to to the large numbers of persons and resources clustered together

American Security Today can offer you:

  • Compelling, attractive and easy to read digital publications delivered daily to a select readership of over 70,000 decision makers in the American homeland security field
  • Lead coverage of breaking issues facing modern security professionals on the local, county, state and federal levels, in a world of heightened extremism and generalized global instability
  • Innovative security products, resources and training initiatives for addressing today’s real threats
  • Breaking technologies for creating proactive, integrated & coordinated objectives to keep pace with today’s growing challenges
  • Interactive detection capabilities that can seamlessly distribute info & data to decision makers and emergency personnel to identify and respond to threats in real time
  • A fresh new audience of security users and buyers, interested in your products and services

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