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AimBrain Launches Free-for-Life Biometric ID Platform (See Demo)

It's insanely easy to implement biometrics instead of PINs, passwords or codes.  So AimBrain is giving you theirs. Why? Because at AimBrain, they are engineers too.
It's insanely easy to implement biometrics instead of PINs, passwords or codes.  So AimBrain is giving you theirs. Why? Because at AimBrain, they are engineers too.

AimBrain has just launched a free-for-life platform that lets entrepreneurs, app developers and technical audiences swap PINS, passwords and codes for facial and voice user biometric verifications, in an autonomous, trial-to-deployment environment.

AimBrain believes in transparency and availability for all, and therefore uses open-source SDKs which have remained publicly available since AimBrain’s inception.

Andrius Sutas, AimBrain CEO and co-founder
Andrius Sutas, AimBrain CEO and co-founder

The free AimBrain On Demand model recognizes the capabilities of today’s entrepreneurs and offers them the free platform to implement biometrics for their own unique use cases, from enrollment to access authentication to in-session verification and beyond.

“The current consumption model is not attractive to those building the businesses of tomorrow,” said AimBrain CEO and co-founder, Andrius Sutas.

“We realized that there are many smaller businesses or creative individuals that don’t need hand-holding or to be dragged through the typical sales cycle; they know what they’re doing and just want to use the technology without interference.”

“AimBrain On Demand gives them the technology, the platform and the simple steps to integrate biometrics into their business or project, whatever it may be.”

(See a brief demo of AimBrain’s new anti-fraud functionality available with AimFace facial authentication. The user is prompted to say out loud a randomized number. AimFace/LipSync then checks: 1) Does the face match the template? 2) Do the words match the numbers? 3) Are the voice and lips synced? The next phase of anti-spoof and liveliness detection. Courtesy of AimBrain and YouTube. Posted on Apr 23, 2018)

AimBrain On Demand is free for life for small users or enterprise users wishing to try-before-they-buy, and as such is capped at 1,000 API calls a month.

“This is more than enough for a small business; above 1,000 and we’re getting into corporate territory,” continued Sutas.

“To put it into perspective, 1000 API calls equates to someone ringing you every 43 minutes for a month.”

The 1000 API requests is sufficient for projects and small, growing businesses; a business with an app that has a user base of 500 of whom 20% log in weekly and 80% monthly would use just 800 requests.

However, this request limit can also be spread across multiple apps, allowing developers to test and integrate biometrics into any or all of the apps that they are developing.

Businesses or projects using SMS to send two factor authentication (2FA) will see an instant reduction in overheads with the free AimBrain On Demand platform, as well as benefiting from the secure encryption and templating of biometric data, eradicating the risk of interception and account takeover.

“AimBrain was built by engineers with a vision of biometrics for all, hence our mission to be a Biometric Identity as-a-Service platform upon which anyone can connect,” Sutas continued.

“We strongly believe that the rapid adoption of biometrics as verification shouldn’t be limited to corporates, or innovation stifled by sales or marketing calls and qualification”.

“Tomorrow’s business leaders are building unicorn businesses today, and we want to provide them tools to keep costs down and benefit from enhanced security during their early days.”

(Learn More. Could this be the end of long, complicated or hard-to-remember passwords? A London-based start-up is attempting to revolutionize the way people access their sensitive or private information by using a range of biometrics-based technologies. Courtesy of The Associated Press and AimBrain. Posted on Mar 25, 2017)

AimVoice and AimFace are currently available on the AimBrain On Demand dashboard.

Face? Voice? Or both?

AimFace is AimBrain’s proprietary facial authentication module.

Spoof-proof selfies that keep people, businesses and data safe.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Server-side authentication: enroll once, authenticate across any channel with a camera
  • Features cutting-edge liveliness detection and anti-spoof technology
  • Intuitive user responses to minimise friction at the enrolment or authentication stages
  • In-built algorithm to de-noise and enhance images in real-time, for minimal failed attempts
  • Owned by AimBrain, part of the AimBrain Biometric Identity as-a-Service platform
  • Deployable using industry standard web and mobile APIs
  • Configure your own risk thresholds

AimVoice is AimBrain’s proprietary voice authentication module.

We keep biometric identities safe. No lip-service. No meaningless words.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Server-side model: enroll once, authenticate across any channel with a microphone
  • Industry standard web and mobile APIs
  • Configure your own risk thresholds
  • Dialect- and language-agnostic
  • Intelligent advice for users in poor sound environments
  • In-built liveliness detection and anti-spoofing technologies
  • Part of our Biometric Identity as-a-Service platform

Users simply connect their apps to AimBrain’s web and/or mobile SDKs and the documentation assists them in setting their own error rate parameters to translate results.

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Find out more about AimBrain On Demand, or sign up directly here.