Aiphone Towers Keep Students Safe with a Push of 1 Button (Multi-Video)

By Bruce Czerwinski, U.S. general sales manager, Aiphone Corp.

Protecting thousands of students, staff, and visitors on large college campuses is a daunting task.

This is where Aiphone IX Series IP-based video emergency stations and blue light towers literally shine as a conduit between people and campus police.

Aiphone’s IX Series allow dispatchers to immediately know the calling station’s precise location – helping to reduce response time.

(Aiphone’s emergency video intercoms provide crystal clear images while two-way conversations help personnel to quickly assess a situation and respond accordingly.  On higher education campuses, the bright blue lights atop Aiphone’s emergency stations mark them as a beacon of safety. Courtesy of Aiphone and YouTube)

For campus police officers on regular patrol around campus, an Aiphone app is available to turn smartphones and tablets into roaming control centers.

Robert Martinez, owner and chief executive officer of RJR Telecommunications Technologies, based in San Pedro, Calif. has seen the stations work in the field, benefiting both students and first responders.

Aiphone IX Series IP-based video emergency stations
Aiphone IX Series IP-based video emergency stations

His company recently installed Aiphone emergency stations in the stairwells of a student services building on a Los Angeles-area campus.

“The stations protect students, giving them a sense that if there is an emergency they can push one button and immediately get help.”

“And when that call comes in, the campus’ first responders know exactly where the emergency is located and can act more quickly and correctly.”

“No other solution can do the same.”

One constant is the need for multiple security layers. Here, the IX Series shines as a single master station can control hundreds of emergency/non-emergency stations as well as act as a hub for security platforms such as those from Lenel®, EMERgency24®, KapLogic and more.

(Learn More. Aiphone solutions range from simple buzz-in systems at locked doors to district wide emergency communication products. Courtesy of Aiphone and YouTube)

Aiphone’s IX Series IP-based video stations connect to a campus network using CAT-5e/6 cable and PoE.

By using dedicated wiring, the IX Series allows dispatch lines to remain open during a crisis while also eliminating the monthly expense associated with traditional phone lines.

Campuses can start small and increase the number of IX Series emergency and non-emergency stations as needs change.

Bruce Czerwinski, Aiphone’s U.S. general sales manager
Bruce Czerwinski, Aiphone’s U.S. general sales manager

If a school already has towers installed around campus, Aiphone’s tower adaptor plate allow these existing towers to be re-used during an upgrade.

Campus security has never been more important.

That is why IX Series emergency stations are designed and built with the same attention to detail and exacting standards dealers, integrators and campus users have come to expect from the world leader in communication technology.

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