App Turns Smartphones into Personal Drone Detectors (Video)

DeTect has released the Pro version of the popular DroneWatcher APP – the app that makes Android smartphones and tablets into personal drone detectors for security and privacy protection.

The $5.00 (US) Pro upgrade version has all the features of the free app plus provides detailed information on the detected drone, includes a signal strength indicator, and allows multiple users to create a crowdsourced network for wide-area drone monitoring.

The free and Pro versions of the app are available on Google Play.

When installed on a smartphone, tablet or other Android device, the DroneWatcher APP makes the device into a drone detector with a detection range of ¼ to ½ mile.

(See DeTect’s DroneWatcher APP & RF technologies for drone detection & defense from a product demonstration in late 2016. Courtesy of DeTect and YouTube)

With the Pro version users can group multiple devices together to form low-cost, wide area mesh networks for monitoring of large areas and, when one device detects a drone, all devices in the group will be alerted.

The signal “power bar” also allows each app user to determine the general direction of detected drone’s controller and the drone ID feature shows the drone type and unique ID number.

The app currently detects 90-95% of the non-encrypted consumer drones on the market.

DroneWatcher Layered Drone Surveillance & Interdiction:

DroneWatcher Layered Drone Surveillance & Interdiction:

DeTect’s DroneWatcher system delivers a flexible, highly customizable multi-layered solution for finding, tracking, alerting and interdiction of drones/sUAVs includes signals intelligence (SIGINT) and radar technologies.

Each DeTect technology can be used as a stand alone sensor or can be combined to provide the level of security specific to each user’s requirements.

Additionally, the technology is upgradable to meet the security challenges presented by continually evolving drone capabilities, features and threats.

For large area coverage, multiple DroneWatcher APP enabled devices using DeTect’s optional DroneWatcherWEB service can be crowdsourced to provide wide-area drone control and interdiction at public events.

Applications Include:

  • Indoor and outdoor concerts, fairs, and rallies
  • Sporting events (such as NASCAR, stadium sports, golf tournaments, marathons, tennis and other outdoor competitions)
  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Power Plants
  • Government Facilities
  • Industrial Sies
  • General Law Enforcement

(Web display video of DroneWatcher smartphone App and RF sensor network monitoring airspace for drones and small UAVs. The green zones show the approx range of detection for the phone app (¼ to ½ mile) and RF sensor (1-2 miles). Green indicates a zone being monitored for drone incursion; yellow indicated a drone detected in the zone. Courtesy of DeTect and YouTube)

For added, multi-layer security, the DroneWatcher APP can integrate with DeTect’s DroneWatcher RF and HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar (DSR) sensors to provide a near 100% drone detection and defense solution.

For higher level security requirements, and multi-layer security, the DroneWatcher APP can be integrated with the DroneWatcher RF and/or HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar to provide 100% security for covered airspace with the APP and RF sensors detecting, tracking and identifying RF controlled drones and the HARRIER DSR providing detection and tracking of non-cooperative, non-RF controlled, or auto programmed drones and UAVs.

Both DroneWatcher and the HARRIER DSR also can include DeTect’s proprietary drone interdiction and inception functionality.

The DroneWatcherWEB is DeTect’s Web service that provides real-time consolidated, custom situational awareness web display for each user site, including wide area views for large complexes, cities and counties. DroneWatcherWEB is highly flexible and includes custom visual, audible and text message alerting options.

The web service additionally logs all sensor detections including drone ID signatures, location, flight path and other parameters that can be used to support law enforcement prosecutions for illegal intrusions.

DeTect is a US-based leader in remote sensing technologies with offices in the US and Europe and projects worldwide.

DeTect’s products include drone surveillance and interdiction systems, aircraft bird strike avoidance radars, UAV Ground-based Sense-and-Avoid radars, airspace and marine security radars, border protection systems, and bird radars for wind farm and industrial bird control and protection.

DeTect most recently installed a DroneWatcher™ drone detection and defense system at the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) in Panama City, Florida.