Arktis Named to DoD $8.2B CBRNE Contract for Homeland Security

Arktis Detection Systems a leading provider of radiological and nuclear detection services, has been named a recipient of the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) Joint Enterprise-Research, Development, Acquisition, and Production/Procurement (JE-RDAP) contract award vehicle.

Under the $8.2 billion, multi-vendor contract, Arktis will support the U.S. Army’s Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) through research and development (R&D).

Radiological and nuclear threats range from smuggled nuclear material and bombs, ‘dirty bombs’ (conventional explosives encased in radioactive material to contaminate wide areas when detonated) to stolen ‘orphan sources’ typically from hospital radiology departments or industrial processes.

Image courtesy of Arktis Detection Systems
Image courtesy of Arktis Detection Systems

Arising from the need to combat and thwart these emerging threats on American soil, the DoD will leverage the JE-RDAP contract vehicle to amplify its chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) defense and detection systems, ensuring that the nation’s security posture is optimal and citizens remain safe.

Arktis brings over a decade of radiological and nuclear threat detection expertise to the federal space and will leverage its mobile and networkable radiation detection and monitoring capabilities to support the DoD’s requirements.

The highly adaptive capabilities of its radiation detection and monitoring solutions will enable DoD to bolster its capabilities by classifying and identifying radiological and nuclear threats.

Team Arktis products include ‘Radiation Portal Monitors’ which scan trucks and passenger vehicles for threats at ports and border crossings, and mobile sensors which can be used to search for threats over a wide area.

Dr. Rico Chandra, CEO & Co-Founder, Arktis Detection Systems
Dr. Rico Chandra, CEO & Co-Founder, Arktis Detection System

“As the Arktis team enhances its presence in the U.S. to help improve national security, the JE-RDAP contract enables our team to strengthen our commitment to the U.S. Army, as well as with other branches of the military and federal civilian agencies,” said Dr. Rico Chandra, CEO of Arktis.

“CBRNE weapons remain some of the most nefarious threats against the U.S., which is why we are eager and proud to support the agency in their efforts to mitigate these risks.”

Arktis Detection Systems

Arktis designs and manufactures advanced integrated detection systems that detect and categorize radiological and nuclear materials with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Arktis offers standalone systems (fixed, relocatable, portable and van-mounted), detectors and detection components.

The detectors and detection systems can be integrated into networked detection infrastructure to monitor large areas. Arktis’ systems and detectors can also be leased or rented.

Image courtesy of Arktis Detection Systems
Image courtesy of Arktis Detection Systems

The Arktis software architecture is designed to ensure optimal integration with third party infrastructure and software.

Arktis’ hardware and software modules are designed to be flexible, scalable and upgradable.

Company culture and organization is designed to promote collaborative working across mixed teams with special emphasis on close links with research establishments in the US, Europe and around the world.

Arktis Radiation Detection Systems

Networked and Standalone Detection Systems (Image courtesy of Arktis)
Networked and Standalone Detection Systems (Image courtesy of Arktis)

Radiation Portal Monitors

Fixed and relocatable Radiation Portal Monitors for pedestrian, vehicle and cargo screening

Mobile Radiation Monitoring System

Mobile detection vans for area monitoring, source searches and intelligence-driven applications

Networked Detection Systems

Networks of static and mobile radiation detection systems for area monitoring, mass events and critical infrastructure

Arktis Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM) - (Image courtesy of Arktis Detection Systems)
Arktis Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM) – (Image courtesy of Arktis Detection Systems)

Neutron and Gamma Detectors

In addition to integrated detection systems, Arktis also designs and manufactures proprietary detectors for research and industry.

Neutron Detectors

Large area neutron detectors (M1000 neutron counter) and fast neutron detectors with energy information and timing (S670 & S670e)

Gamma Detectors

Compact and modular Polyvinyltoluene (PVT)-based gamma detectors; flexible and scalable slab design

Key Features

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  • Enhanced threat detection
  • Accurate categorization and rejection of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)
  • Minimal false alarms from background radiation
  • Performance fully compliant with international standards (e.g. ANSI)
  • Flexible, modular hardware and software architecture

Arktis is among 171 federal vendors included in the contract vehicle, as well as 85 small businesses that were recipients of the award.

The 10-year contract was spearheaded by the U.S. Army; however, funds from the contract vehicle can also be used by all branches of the Department of Defense.