Armor Express Selected by San Francisco Police & Sheriff Depts

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Thousands of officers to benefit from Armor Express’ “Quad compliant” Vortex IIIA Gen 2 ballistic vest, certified to meet NIJ, DEA and FBI protocols, and tested against special threats

Armor Express, Vortex™ IIIA Gen 2 ballistic vest, has been selected for a new, two-year contract with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and San Francisco Sheriff’s Department (SFSD) for high-performance body armor solutions.

The advanced, ‘Quad compliant’ body armor system is uniquely certified to meet the most rigorous requirements of the NIJ, DEA and FBI protocols, and is tested to defeat special type ballistic rounds.

Armor Express Quad Compliant

“This is a major win for our Company and for the thousands of law enforcement officers in San Francisco who stand to benefit from the advancements we have made in ballistic protection,” stated Scott Wyatt, Vice President, Sales and Marketing with Armor Express.”

“As two of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country, their selection of Armor Express is testimony to their confidence in our team and in our offerings.”

“We look forward to outfitting their officers with the most innovative protective solutions in the industry and ensuring all their needs are continuously met.”

“All of us at Armor Express stand ready to safeguard the lives of the men and women who make the sacrifice to protect our freedoms and we are especially honored to partner with these prestigious law enforcement agencies in San Francisco.” 

(Your life depends on it. Armor can’t just stop the rounds – it needs to keep you in the fight. So after that one moment… you’ll be able to get back up. Courtesy of Armor Express Body Armor and YouTube)

The City of San Francisco selected the Vortex IIIA Gen 2 ballistic package over other body armor offerings because of the ideal balance it provides between a flexible and pliable package, while keeping its lightweight qualities for officer comfort.

The Level IIIA package is notably lighter and thinner than the previously contracted body armor (approximately 8 percent lighter and 10 percent thinner).

The vest utilizes cutting-edge materials and unique weaving techniques to keep it extremely flexible right out of the box.

It is powered by aramid fibers from Twaron®, utilized in the form of a unique multi-layered woven fabric by Lincoln Fabrics and a thin, flexible aramid, uni-directional material produced by Honeywell.

Service, delivery and quality were significant factors in SFPD and SFSD choosing the Vortex vest for their officers and because the Vortex IIIA is Quad compliant, it uniquely meets the ballistic technical specifications of both departments. 

The Vortex body armor combines strength, comfort and performance in a versatile and budget-friendly package for today’s law enforcement agency.

The IIIA is suitable for both concealed wear and use by tactical teams. Its high-performance features are designed based on a slim construction, lightweight fibers, and outstanding strength.

The armor’s protective capabilities have been built to match the most strenuous requirements, including in-house special threat ballistic testing.

This soft ballistic is capable of stopping some of the most advanced rounds, including the FN 5.7x28mm 27gr. Lead Free Hollow Point, FN 5.7x28mm 40gr. V-Max, Speer LE 9mm +P 124gr. Gold Dot Hollow Point, Winchester Ranger 9mm +P+ 127gr. SXT (DEA round), Winchester 9mm NATO 124gr. (FBI round), Federal Tactical 12ga. TruBall Rifled Slug, among other high-velocity special threats.

The Vortex IIIA Gen 2 is available in both male and female versions.

The female version has a unique proprietary design that makes this companion model a great choice for SFPD officers, as it meets the same performance criteria and comfort characteristics required to execute the department’s body armor program.  

(Armor Express describes the features and design of the female Revolution concealable carrier. Structured armor for comfort and fit, a pocket for added trauma protection plates, and dual adjustment points for an exact fit. Courtesy of Armor Express and YouTube)

This award is for a period of two years, with a one year extension option.

Under the terms of the contract, the Company expects to deliver close to 900 body armor systems for the two departments on an annual basis.

Further, added to the award is an option for officers and deputies to leverage Armor Express’ H-Shock concealable rifle plate.

Today’s officers face unpredictable threats but they should never have to compromise. Wearing concealable soft armor doesn’t mean they can’t also have light rifle protection.

(What does it take to stop a bullet? Knowledge, innovation, hard work, comfort, and confidence in both concealable and tactical systems – so however it looks, you know it works. Courtesy of Armor Express and YouTube)

The H-Shock plate adds rifle protection for the wearer, providing coverage for vital areas. With this special “up-armor” insert, agencies have a cost-effective solution that can stop more than the average trauma plate, while in a concealable carrier.

Officers can have peace of mind regardless of what they come up against.

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Armor Express is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor systems, serving the domestic and Federal law enforcement market, U.S Military and America’s allies around the world. 

Through its strategic partnerships with technology innovators and its unwavering commitment to advance research & development, the Company’s customers benefit from state-of-the-art protective solutions and best-in-class service.