Betafence Rebrands to PRÆSIDIAD (See Assault Experiment Video)

Betafence Corporate Services fortified its high security growth strategy through the recent acquisition of Hesco and Secure USA.

The acquisitions brought together benefits to all facets of the corporation, including an expansion of, now PRÆSIDIAD’s, slice of intellectual property; securing over 50 global patents in integrated security systems.

With the combined expertise from three globally renowned perimeter security specialists, a collective 172 years’ experience, PRÆSIDIAD instantly takes position as a world market leader of force protection solutions, defensive systems and industrial mesh production and fencing products that defend and protect military, commercial and domestic end-users.

(Learn More, courtesy of the company and YouTube)

PRÆSIDIAD takes its name from the Latin ‘praesidium’ meaning to protect, and the group’s in-house marketing team and group executives will develop the new brand, ensuring minimum disruption to operations and launching a new corporate identity that will umbrella current and future brands to deliver integrated perimeter security solutions.

“The PRÆSIDIAD name allows us to further innovate and expand our portfolio beyond our tradition of fencing and wire mesh,” said Michele Volpi, PRÆSIDIAD Chief Executive Officer.

“We will continue the Betafence mission to engineer solutions that inspire confidence and trust, and in a market driven by a growing global need for comprehensive security, customers will benefit from enhanced expertise and our passion to deliver quality products and services in perimeter security and personal safety.”

(Look at how Betafence Security fences resist assaults from professionals. Courtesy of the company and YouTube)

With the accelerated expansion of Hesco and Betafence product portfolios and development in new key markets, the continued future success for all strands of the business is assured.

The PRÆSIDIAD name takes effect immediately, replacing ‘Betafence’ across corporate communications and the PRÆSIDIAD brand is expected to be rolled out throughout 2017.

PRÆSIDIAD products will continue to protect homes and communities, secure critical infrastructure and defend those that protect and serve.

praesidiadBetafence® is a world market leader of integrated perimeter security systems, protecting critical infrastructure and sensitive sites in the public, industrial and residential markets.

Hesco® is a world leader and innovator in force protection and security systems, including defensive barriers, flood barriers, rapid deployment systems, safe haven bunkers and body armor.

SecureUSA® is a global provider of Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions, specializing in merging physical security with information technology to create a holistic perimeter defense solution.