Boon Edam Fills Stockholm Central Station with Light (See in Action)

Boon Edam, a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, has installed a Boon Edam entrance solution as part of a renovation project for the Stockholm Central Station terminal in Sweden.

Originally designed in 1871, Stockholm Central Station has a long, proud history, and the building itself features magnificent artworks and architecture.

Stockholm Central Station Circa 1871
Stockholm Central Station Circa 1871

The building is historically listed and as such, officials have an obligation to protect its architectural features in any upgrades or renovations that are undertaken.

The current generation of commuters is very discerning in their public transport needs.

They place a high emphasis on using a facility which is efficient, sustainable, and easily accessible, but one that is aesthetically pleasing too.

A dignified, impressive entrance is key to a comfortable customer experience and is proven to leave a lasting impression on the visitor.

Johan Rittsél
Johan Rittsél

“The goal was to let people experience the whole atmosphere of this historic building, from floor to ceiling,” said AIX Architectural Conservator Johan Rittsél.

“We also wanted to have the old and the new come together in a natural way.”

The station owners, Jernhusen, and the architects, AIX, have been collaborating together for 15 years to restore Stockholm Central Station to its former glory, while creating a contemporary authenticity.

This entry solution needed to be true to the authentic beauty and atmosphere of the original space while still meeting the modern demands placed on traffic flow and energy savings.

Boon Edam Crystal Tourniket automatic revolving doors
Boon Edam Crystal Tourniket automatic revolving doors

After considering rebuilding or replacing the original 2-winged revolving doors or installing an airlock solution with sliding doors, the decision makers chose to install three, full glass, 3-winged revolving doors.

This entrance selection complemented the classic architecture of the original entrance hall while letting in as much daylight as possible.

Stockholm Central Station chose to install a set of three Boon Edam all glass, 3-winged Crystal Tourniket automatic revolving doors, along with integrated heaters.

Each door can accommodate 1,740 persons per minute in both directions in addition to being able to manage sustainable climate-control.

The Crystal Tourniket doors also include collapsible door wings, which create an easy escape route in the event of an emergency, ideal for such a large public area.

(Stockholm Central Station was built in 1871, has magnificent artwork and spectacular architecture, and is historically listed which implies restrictions when it comes to rebuilding. Courtesy of Boon Edam Sweden AB and YouTube)

“Boon Edam was very focused on finding the right door solution for us, even taking us on research tours so we could try out different door solutions,” said Anne Teresiak, an architect with AIX.

Anne Teresiak
Anne Teresiak

“Perhaps the most important thing was that we did not try to copy anything, instead we used our research to create the perfect solution for our specific circumstances.”

One of the primary challenges designers faced was concealing the entrance’s technical  aspects so as not to interfere with the overall user experience and impression of the entrance.

The motors were built into the floor, the control boxes were designed to be situated at a lower level in the building, and the vertical heaters were integrated into the centerline of the doors.

After the installation of the Boon Edam revolving doors, a champagne bar was opened in the entrance hall, and current plans also call for a new café, finalizing the complete restoration process.

Peter Appelgren
Peter Appelgren

“It felt great to see how the light came through the glass doors and the facade windows,” added Anne Teresiak.

“It was like the room had become complete again.”

Peter Appelgren, representing the station owners, Jernhusen, said, “The revolving doors are now an integrated part of the entrance hall.”

“We’ve managed to capture the ambience of the old, while still making sure we meet the modern demands of energy savings as well as maintaining high-volume traffic flow.”

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