Border Patrol Interdiction Unit Seizes 42 lbs of Methamphetamine

Pima County Sheriff’s deputies working as part of a federal counter-drug operation arrested a California man and seized nearly 42 pounds of methamphetamine Tuesday afternoon.

Deputies assigned to Operation Countermeasure made a vehicle stop near Alvernon and 29th street in Tucson, Arizona.

An investigation was conducted at the stop that resulted in the discovery of packages of meth in the rear cargo area.

The narcotics weighed nearly 42 pounds with a value of more than $125,000. Further investigation led to the arrest of the passenger, a 24-year-old Oxnard, Calif. resident.

Operation Countermeasure is funded under a federal grant program managed by Tucson Sector Border Patrol for joint law enforcement vehicle deployments on targeted Arizona roadways.

Border Patrol in partnership with local and state agencies work together to disrupt and degrade drug trafficking organizations that smuggle hard narcotics on Arizona’s roadways.