Buffalo Shooter Planned to Continue Rampage Down Street, Police Say

Ten people, including a retired Buffalo Police officer, were killed and three were wounded in a shooting Saturday afternoon at the Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo. (Courtesy of YouTube and Twitter)

May 16, 2022 – In Breaking News – NBC News

The 18-year-old man accused of storming a Buffalo, New York, supermarket Saturday and killing 10 and injuring three others planned to continue his bloody rampage down the street before he was stopped, police said.

Suspect Payton Gendron livestreamed the moment he opened fire in the parking lot of Tops Friendly Market at around 2:30 p.m. and continued shooting inside the store while dressed in tactical gear, police said.

He was ultimately arrested at the scene.

(Payton S. Gendron appears to have been motivated by hate, law enforcement said. Courtesy of ABC News and YouTube. Posted on May 16, 2022.)

The teen’s parents have been cooperative with investigators, saying they’re in complete and utter shock their son could have allegedly carried out this attack, a law enforcement official told NBC News.

While Gendron’s parents knew their son had purchased weapons, they were not aware of any hate or rage issues, the official said.

Police are calling the attack a hate crime as 11 of 13 people who were shot were Black — and there could have been more victims if he hadn’t been stopped.

“It appeared that his plans were to drive out of here and continue driving down Jefferson Avenue looking to shoot more Black people as he could and possibly go to another store location,” Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Police said in a news conference Sunday that the suspect “did some reconnaissance on the area and in the store,” before the shooting.

The suspect also appeared to be active in online gun communities and posted extremist views.

Senior law enforcement officials said they believe he wrote a 180-page “manifesto” posted online that cites a racist conspiracy theory frequently promoted by white supremacists.

(Authorities said Buffalo, NY supermarket shooting suspect Payton Gendron had a live stream going during the deadly attack. Courtesy of ABC 7 Chicago and YouTube. Posted on May 15, 2022.)

The document claims the suspect chose Buffalo because it was the city with the highest number of Black people in his vicinity.

He had also been investigated by New York State Police last year for making a threatening statement in June about wanting to carry out a shooting, a senior law enforcement official said.

(The shooting is being investigated as racially motivated violent extremism, as 11 of the 13 victims shot were Black, authorities said. Courtesy of ABC News and YouTube. Poste on May 15, 2022.)

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Editor’s note: Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of former Buffalo Police Officer Aaron Salter, both blood and blue. Thank you for your bravery and commitment to serving the citizens of Buffalo.

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