CACI Electronic Warfare, Counter-UAS & More at Sea-Air-Space Expo (Video)

CACI will showcase its support of national security and naval readiness with innovative, integrated solutions that enable multi-domain battles. (Courtesy of CACI International)
CACI will showcase its support of national security and naval readiness with innovative, integrated solutions that enable multi-domain battles. (Courtesy of CACI International)

CACI will demonstrate the company’s solutions to give America’s Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S.-flag Merchant Marine a decisive edge for maritime superiority at the 2018 Sea-Air-Space Exposition hosted by the Navy League April 9-11, 2018 at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, Md.

CACI will showcase its support of national security and naval readiness with innovative, integrated solutions that enable multi-domain battles.

CACI’s networked precision electronic warfare solutions allow operators to detect, classify, locate, and defeat targets of interest, and includes a product suite of counter-UAS systems.

CACI International

CACI Cyber/Electronic Warfare Solutions

Today’s battlefield threats require agile, flexible cyber and electronic warfare (EW) solutions that evolve at the pace of mission.

CACI’s suite of precision cyber/EW solutions enables troops to discreetly engage in surveillance and reconnaissance and employ long-range, non-kinetic cyber effects against a host of threats.

The company’s novel technology greatly reduces the probability of detection and enables integrated fires.

Radiofrequency (RF)-based systems are modular and scalable for operations at any echelon.

From backpackable systems to strategic solutions, CACI’s groundbreaking technology is changing the face of electronic warfare.

(Backed by industry-leading cyber, electronic warfare, and signals intelligence experience and expertise, CACI is answering the challenge of today’s modern battle space. Courtesy of CACI International and YouTube)

Stops UAS Threats to Valuable Assets and National Airspace

CACI’s SkyTrackerTM unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) solution is a new, precision system to protect high-value assets and support public safety against the escalating threat posed by the inadvertent or unlawful misuse of UAS.

(Learn About CACI’s SkyTracker detection and engagement system which defends against UAS threats. Creating an electronic boundary around sensitive locations… SkyTracker quickly detects, identifies, and tracks both UAS and their operators… Stopping UAS threats to valuable assets and national airspace. Courtesy of CACI International and YouTube)

The SkyTracker system accurately and reliably detects, identifies, and tracks UAS threats. This proprietary CACI technology has been demonstrated to address a variety of UAS threat scenarios.

The system is widely applicable, from protecting airports to safeguarding critical infrastructure or events – anywhere UAS pose a potential risk to people or assets.

SkyTracker provides continuous, automated monitoring, day or night, in any weather condition.

This system has the unique capability to identify and locate both the UAS and its ground operator, improving responders’ ability to act in incidents of inadvertent or unlawful misuse.

Unlike other technologies, SkyTracker provides passive detection that does not interfere with legitimate electronics or communications systems in the area, or with UAS that are being operated responsibly as determined by the U.S. government.

CACI will also demonstrate how its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities can enable large-scale automation to speed decision-making.

CACI Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Courtesy of CACI International
Courtesy of CACI International

CACI’s research and development into the rapidly advancing field of Artificial Intelligence brings mature, production-quality solutions to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Automation is a key customer priority, and CACI is breaking new ground in bringing this critical capability to the mission.

The CACI team has experience and recognized solutions in all areas of data analysis, including high-speed predictive analytics using the most advanced techniques.

Their expertise in machine learning has led to a multitude of analytic solutions that speed decision-making.

CACI team’s use of Deep Learning neural network architectures has exceeded customer expectations and accomplished exciting results that forward the mission.

Additionally, the company will demonstrate logistics and ready-relevant training solutions as well as how the nation’s sea services can rapidly modernize and field cyber-secure applications and hardware using CACI’s scalable Agile DevSecOps methodology, its Model-Driven Design and Implementation methodology, and a unique Risk Management Framework solution.

Courtesy of CACI International
Courtesy of CACI International

Today, it’s not enough to simply transition to Agile. CACI’s Agile Solution Factory (ASF) optimizes performance of Agile software development, holistically integrating the benefits of Agile at an enterprise scale.

The results of CACI’s ASF on large government programs have included increased end-user satisfaction through higher quality and more secure software deployed on shorter release cycles.

The ASF’s use of advanced automation frameworks like DevSecOps further drives efficiencies in cost savings, time to market, and productivity.

CACI’s ASF delivers on the promise of Agile to the federal marketplace.

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(At CACI, America’s missions are our missions. We’re a top-tier company providing high-value information solutions across 12 distinct market areas. For over 55 years, we’ve delivered operational excellence and innovation to our customers in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, and federal civilian communities. Courtesy of CACI International and YouTube)

CACICACI provides information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for Intelligence, Defense, and Federal Civilian customers.

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