Caliber & MO Sheriffs Work to Enhance Nat’l Databases Searching

Caliber Public Safety (Caliber), has been selected to implement Online Records Management System (RMS) in 23 Missouri counties to enhance compliance with Missouri NIBRS reporting, improve data capture, and expand information reach and retrieval.

Historically, law enforcement agencies utilized RMS via on-site computer servers, which limited the depth and breadth of searches to local jurisdictions.

By utilizing Caliber’s Online RMS, hosted as a Software as a Service model (SaaS) at Nlets, agencies do not have to purchase and maintain expensive computer servers and software, they simply pay an annual fee based on sworn officer count.

(Data sharing across multiple agencies in the office or in the field with InterDEx and PocketCop by Caliber. Courtesy of the company and YouTube)

Finding criminals beyond the county line can be like looking for a needle in a haystack —criminals on the run don’t stay at the scene of the crime.

Caliber’s Online RMS provides encrypted Internet access to law enforcement agencies, making crime data accessible anywhere and anytime.

The Online RMS schemas for each Missouri County interconnect to expand in-state data sharing between agencies.

Caliber RMS

Online Records Management System brings the benefits of cloud computing to law enforcement records management, report writing, and investigations.

If the necessary information is not available within Missouri, the search can be extended beyond state lines to over 300 public safety data sources that participate in Caliber’s InterDEx data sharing nationwide network.

Instead of searching a local haystack, Caliber’s Online RMS provides the power to search for the suspect in hundreds of haystacks in just a matter of seconds.

The more accurate the data, the more likely a hit and, possibly an arrest, will occur.

Faysal Tay, VP of Sales and Marketing for Caliber Public Safety
Faysal Tay, VP of Sales and Marketing for Caliber Public Safety

“The data sharing element between agencies is changing policing from being reactive to proactive,” notes Faysal Tay, VP of Sales and Marketing for Caliber Public Safety.

“Caliber’s Online RMS provides information that was previously unavailable, allowing agencies to leverage data sharing and find commonalities within their state as well as within neighboring states.”

“We now see a proven model that is gaining momentum.”

Caliber maintains our Online RMS at Nlets, where we ensure that the most current releases are automatically available to agencies, creating a simple solution that assists cash strapped cities and counties to implement powerful crime fighting solutions.

Caliber Online RMS let’s you know what information your neighboring agencies have in order to take more action and let the data tell an impactful story.

Caliber Public Safety

Caliber Public Safety is committed to creating reliable software with unique information sharing ability that provides instantaneous access to critical, relevant information across multiple agencies.

We combine industry best practices with our state of the art suite of products to deliver a client experience that is second to none. The full line of Caliber Public Safety software delivers the critical edge to frontline responders when seconds count.