Canada’s Combat Ship Team Delivers CSC Proposal (Learn More, Videos)

Two days prior to the official procurement closure date, Lockheed Martin Canada has delivered the proposal for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) program signifying that the acquisition has moved to the next critical phase.

A Partner Canada can Trust

Offering the most advanced and modern warship design with Canadian-developed combat and platform systems, BAE Systems, CAE, Lockheed Martin Canada, L3 Technologies, MDA, and Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc. (Ultra) are partnering (on a non-exclusive basis) as Canada’s Combat Ship Team for the Royal Canadian Navy’s future fleet of Canadian Surface Combatants (CSC).

For Canada’s distinctive mission requirements, Canada’s Combat Ship Team proposes BAE Systems’ Royal Navy Type 26 Global Combat Ship design, enhanced with the team’s collective Canadian naval expertise in combat system design, integration, training, logistics and program management.

(The Global Combat Ship will be a highly capable and versatile multi-mission warship designed to support anti-submarine warfare, air defense and general purpose operations anywhere on the world’s oceans. Courtesy of BAE Systems and YouTube)

“The Type 26 Global Combat Ship is a flexible, next generation warship design which offers a low risk and affordable solution for the Canadian Surface Combatant program,” said Anne Healey, Country Director, Canada, BAE Systems.

Anne Healey, Country Director, Canada, BAE Systems
Anne Healey, Country Director, Canada, BAE Systems

“With the UK Type 26 program running ahead of CSC, our Canadian ship will benefit from lessons learnt on the UK program.”

“This schedule also allows Type 26 the opportunity to be the most advanced Canadian Surface Combatant.”

“Canadian companies such as W.R. Davis Engineering in Ottawa, Rolls-Royce in Peterborough and L3 MAPPS in Montréal have already begun work on delivering high-technology systems for the UK’s Type 26, demonstrating the skills and capability available from the Canadian supply chain.”

Additionally, the team is offering Canada’s trusted Combat Management System –Lockheed Martin Canada’s modern CMS 330, currently in service on board Canada’s modernized HALIFAX-class frigates.

“The Defense Policy released earlier this year announced the Government’s new vision for the Canadian Armed Forces, and as a Pan-Canadian team, our approach to CSC implements these Defense Policy pillars where we are offering the right ship for the Navy to enable them to be STRONG; we are offering proven, Canadian pedigree of companies to ensure successful program execution is SECURE; and we are offering a solution that ensures sovereignty is maintained by bringing the direct jobs on CSC home to Canada so that we are ENGAGED and able to sustain the CSC ships throughout their lifespan,” explains Rosemary Chapdelaine, Vice President and General Manager, Lockheed Martin Canada Rotary and Mission Systems.

Rosemary Chapdelaine, Vice President and General Manager, Lockheed Martin Canada Rotary and Mission Systems
Rosemary Chapdelaine, Vice President and General Manager, Lockheed
Martin Canada Rotary and Mission Systems

“Lockheed Martin Canada has been Canada’s trusted Combat System Integrator for more than three decades, and our team can be counted on to deliver affordable solutions, sustained job creation, and technology development in Canadafor export potential.”

“We’ll employ our proven collaborative partnership model to successfully manage the highly complex systems integration process – including integrating our CMS 330 Combat Management System with the Type 26 Global Combat Ship – and leverage the innovation and talent here at home which will ultimately result in unprecedented economic outcome for Canada.”

Image courtesy of Canada’s Combat Ship Team
Image courtesy of Canada’s Combat Ship Team

The team has been a proven and trusted partner to the Royal Canadian Navy for more than three decades on some of the most successful naval projects in Canada’s history, as well as with other premier navies and shipyards around the world.

CAEL3 TechnologiesMDA and Ultra, along with BAE and Lockheed Martin Canada, constitute a Team that brings a wide Canadian footprint and innovative Canadian technologies and capabilities.

These capabilities include integrated naval training and simulation solutions, human systems integration for naval systems, electronic and electro-optical systems engineering, marine technologies, systems integration support, through life in-service support and underwater warfare integration and systems.

Joe Armstrong, Vice President and General Manager - Canada, CAE
Joe Armstrong, Vice President and General Manager – Canada, CAE

“Building on our proud Canadian history of more than 70 years, we are honored to join forces with this pan-Canadian team that has been assembled for CSC,” commented Joe Armstrong, Vice President and General Manager – Canada, CAE.

“CAE welcomes the opportunity to leverage the strengths of our combined organizations to support the Government of Canada and Irving Shipbuilding to deliver a modern, capable warship with an integrated training system that aligns with the Future Naval Training Strategy.”

“CAE is dedicated to offering customers the most innovative training solutions to achieve the highest levels of operational readiness and performance.”

With proven experience collaborating with customers and industry partners to deliver complex naval programs, Canada’s Combat Ship Team offers the lowest cost solution that Canada can trust and one which will deliver:

  • An affordable low-risk solution.
  • Sustained job creation.
  • Technology development in Canada for export potential.

Canada’s Combat Ship Team’s approach to the CSC project exclusively parallels the Canadian Government’s Defense Policy, which is the foundation for the offering: Strong, Secure and Engaged.


  • Canada’s Combat Ship Team’s approach to the strategic objective STRONG is to provide the right ship for the Royal Canadian Navy that surpasses baseline requirements with minimal change.
  • This solution represents the lowest development risk and is underpinned by Canadian doctrine;
    • Interoperability with five-eyes nations and other NATO allies
    • Ability to achieve safety certification and security accreditation
    • Ease of operation, maintenance and sustainment, and
    • Ease of upgradeability to address future capabilities


  • Under the pillar of SECURECanada’s Combat Ship Team’s offering focuses on ensuring successful program execution by bringing together a pan-Canadian team who have proven, demonstrated and current pedigree in:
    • Performing complex defense contracts in Canada
    • Who have well-established infrastructure, employees, security clearances and facilities in place today
    • Who have demonstrated their commitment and reliability to successfully execute the project by their substantial investments in CSC and in meeting all procurement deadlines, and
    • Therefore who are poised to perform the CSC program, Ready on Day One


  • Embodied throughout Canada’s Combat Ship Team’s offering is our multifaceted approach to achieving the strategic pillar ENGAGED.
  • The underlying principles implemented focus on partnership with all stakeholders and, equally important, maintaining sovereignty of the CSC solution in Canada, which can only be achieved by having the solution and capability developed “at home” by Canadians

Canada’s Combat Ship Team is living proof that capability investments made in Canada result in sustained jobs not only through long term sustainment of its system and products, but also extend to exports which leverage Canada’s investments to other nations adding more jobs to Canadian industry.

This team recognizes the significant benefits that Canada will receive with the implementation of Canada’s Combat Ship Team’s strategic objective to bring the jobs “home” to Canada and therefore collectively become the Home Team.

Mike Greenley, President of L3 WESCAM
Mike Greenley, President of L3 WESCAM

“We are proud to be a member of Canada’s Combat Ship Team,” shared Mike Greenley, President, L3 WESCAM.

“With a strong Canadian footprint, we are in a unique position to leverage our established Canadian companies to deliver Canadian marine technologies, systems integration support, and through life in service support to the team in a number of areas including integrated communications, electro optic and infrared sensors, torpedo handling systems, and integrated platform management systems.”

“As one of Canada’s leading space and defense companies, MDA’s participation in this team is very strategic.”

Canada’s Combat Ship Team Quick Facts

  • In June 2016, following Industry engagement, the Government of Canada announced that it would proceed with a procurement package based on a Total Ship Reference Point.
    • For industry, this meant combining the efforts of a warship designer and combat systems integrator into a consolidated proposal.
  • BAE’s Type 26 has been selected by the Royal Navy and steel has been cut on the first of a planned eight ships.
    • Due to its current stage in the lifecycle, there is no obsolescence in the design and it therefore offers the lowest risk to build in Canada.
  • The Type 26 Global Combat Ship can undertake a wide range of roles from high intensity conflict to humanitarian assistance, including anti-submarine warfare and air defense.
    • It is flexible, versatile and highly survivable with an extremely low acoustic signature.
  • Built for the Royal Canadian Navy’s doctrine, tactics and operations, Lockheed Martin Canada’s innovative Combat Management System – CMS 330 – was developed in Canada as a result of 34 years’ experience and knowledge of Canadian and NATO naval operations.
  • Members of Canada’s Combat Ship Team are currently delivering on the final stages of Canada’s HALIFAX-class Modernization Project.
  • Collectively, our team employs more than 9,000 Canadians in over 40 facilities across the country with an established presence on both coasts. Our collective Canadian supply chain consists of approximately 4,000contracts Canada-wide.
Dave Hargreaves, Vice President – Aerospace and Defense, Surveillance and Intelligence, MDA
Dave Hargreaves, Vice President – Aerospace and
Defense, Surveillance and Intelligence, MDA

“For MDA, in addition to providing world-class operational CSC capability to the Canadian Forces, this project will be a major enabler in achieving significant future MDA exports from Canada and the resulting growth in jobs and business in Canada – a continuous corporate strategy for MDA since 1969,” stated Dave Hargreaves, Vice President – Aerospace and Defense, Surveillance and Intelligence, MDA.

“As a long-time participant in Canada’s defense community, Ultra Electronics is delighted to be a member of Canada’s Combat Ship Team.”

Canada’s Combat-Ship TeamKen Walker, President, Ultra Electronics Canada added, “It is truly a privilege to be able to provide our world-leading Canadian designed and developed underwater warfare products to this uniquely assembled team to deliver Canada’s future surface combatant.”