Carbyne to Exhibit in American Security Expo 2017 (Multi-Video)

Reporty for Tomorrow’s 9-1-1 Tech – Today

Carbyne, a multinational company providing emergency calling services across the globe, has positioned itself as the distributors of near-future technology that easily integrates into the existing systems that emergency services already use – have officially launched into the U.S. market.

With state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor location technology, streaming video calling, and call prioritization Reporty, distributed by Carbyne, is set to be 9-1-1’s most important upgrade in more than 40 years.


A single, unplanned moment can impact an entire city.

From a massive blackout to a freak storm, a bank robbery to a multi-car pileup; all governments know that no day is normal and that you can never predict what each day will bring.

For your citizens, who count on the services that you provide, it is crucial to have a continued line of communication with their government.

During an emergency, it is equally critical for you to be able to locate and connect with those who are in danger or need to know to avoid it.

Communication breakdown is one of the most common features of a disaster or terror attack and can lead to significant casualties.

To avoid this, it is imperative to have a system in place that can weather the storm of natural or manmade events.

(Reporty brings our clients and users into the next generation of communication between the public and those that have sworn an oath to help them. Reporty is designed to be the global standard for event reporting. With the click of a button anyone can get the help they need anywhere. Courtesy of Reporty – The social safe city, and YouTube)

Securing and maintaining critical infrastructure is a vital aspect of government.

Carbyne, with Reporty technology, allows your citizens to quickly and easily report to emergency and civil services in the wake of everything from a terror attack to a fallen tree.

Each Reporty call instantly reveals both the location of the event and streams video from the scene, giving dispatchers an overview of the entire situation.

Thanks to Carbyne’s unique method of dispersing data, the network infrastructure is not only secured but safe from crashing or overloading, as occurs in the event of terror and mass casualty scenarios.


For those who arrive first on the scene, information is the most important resource you can get but often those who have witnessed a crime, attack, or medical emergency are unsure of the key details or suffering from shock.

What first responders need is an unbiased recount of what happened and how.

For dispatchers, simply locating someone is a Herculean task and takes critical minutes during an emergency.

Bidding and rebidding cell phone providers can often lead to inaccurate or incomplete location information and can send first responders in entirely the wrong direction.

(Learn How to Use the App. Courtesy of Reporty – The social safe city, and YouTube)

From the second a dispatcher picks up a Reporty call, the video is streamed directly to them with an accurate location down to 3 feet.

Streaming video allows dispatchers to quickly and easily assign the right resources for any situation.

The open line of video communication also gives the dispatcher a chance to provide medical instructions and ensure that it is followed properly.
The dispatcher can provide first responders with outdoor or indoor location down to which floor, and even which part of an office, the call is being made from.
This state-of-the-art location tracking ensures that the reporters are found instantaneously.


Whether you’re a hospital looking after patients, a stadium overseeing the playoffs, or a college making sure students get to their dorms each night, you have a responsibility to provide them with the tools to keep them safe.

With thousands of potential people contacting you, a limited jurisdiction, and a need to quickly locate callers it’s easy enough to be overwhelmed every day, let alone in a crisis.

How will you contact people in the event of an emergency? A mass shooting? A blackout? What will happen if the lines of communications fail?

With Carbyne, your staff can quickly and easily respond to any unforeseen incidents and maintain guest safety.

With both customers and staff being able to report events to your on-site security team, you can swiftly and efficiently ensure that any disturbances are resolved quietly.

If it is necessary to communicate with your entire student or guest body then Carbyne allows you to simply send out a push notification in an instant.