COPsync Aids in Arrest of Suspects in Murder of NC Mom & Daughter

The Meridian Police Department successfully utilized the COPsync Network advanced communication and information sharing system, to aid in the arrest of two murder suspects in Mississippi.

Dawn Ward, 40, and her daughter Taylor Carroll, 14, went missing from their North Carolina home on November 28. Several days later, the pair were discovered under 30 feet of water at the bottom of a rural well.

Before the bodies of Ward and Carroll were discovered, and the two were believed to be missing, police in Meridian, Mississippi, pulled over a car on a routine traffic stop.

Using the COPsync Network, the officer discovered the car was stolen.

(The brothers, ages 25 and 24, appeared to have fled their home state of North Carolina before or around the time the bodies were discovered. Jeffrey is being held without bond on two counts of murder, while his brother Jerrett is being held on a $1 million bond for two counts of accessory after the fact. Courtesy of Wochit News and YouTube)

Ward’s estranged husband Jeffrey Ward and his brother Jerrett were arrested for driving a stolen vehicle. The brothers were then discovered to be suspects in the case of the missing North Carolina women.

“The convenient and instant return of information to officers in the field, via the COPsync Network, keeps police officers safer and allows for the swift apprehension of suspected criminals,” said COPsync CEO Ronald A. Woessner

The COPsync Network connects local law enforcement officers in real-time to a common data communications system, which enables officers to share mission-critical, actionable and non-adjudicated law enforcement information with officers in any other jurisdictions and to broadcast messages and warn nearby officers of crimes in progress.

(COPsync technology provides for safer schools, safer communities, and safer officers. The COPsync Network arms officers with information before exiting the patrol car. Courtesy of COPsync and YouTube)

The COPsync Network has been used to rescue kidnapped children, capture terrorists and save police officers’ lives. We believe COPsync to have the most advanced system known to protect law enforcement officers and the communities they are sworn to protect and serve.”

Using COPsync Network, the community and officer security is increased with advance warnings of dangerous people, real-time notification of crimes in progress, and the COPsync911™ threat-alert system to safeguard schools and keep America’s children safer and protect other high-risk targets such as courthouses, government buildings and energy infrastructure.


COPsync’s systems can save minutes when seconds count, save lives and protect citizens and communities.