Culpeper County Virginia Unveils Rave Mobile Safety Smart911

Rave 911 Suite provides 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching, and responding to emergency calls more efficiently and effectively.

Public safety officials in Culpeper County Virginia recently announced that Smart911 from Rave Mobile Safety, Two-Time Winner in the 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, is now available to all Culpeper community members and families.

The free service allows individuals to create a Safety Profile for their household that can include any information they may want 911 dispatchers and first responders to have in the event of an emergency.


Additional caller data for faster, more effective response

Smart911 Safety Profiles help 9-1-1 call takers and first responders make faster and better decisions, shorten response times, and save lives.

Profiles can include phone numbers, home and work addresses, family member information, photos, medical conditions, disabilities, even pet information.

Smart911 Safety Profile

If they need to dial 911, the profile will immediately display on the dispatcher’s screen saving critical seconds and even minutes in response to the emergency, according to a news release.

Coupled with the Rave Alert mass notification system, individuals can receive notifications on potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic and other emergencies.

William Martin,Director at Culpeper County Public Safety Communications Center
William Martin,Director at Culpeper County Public Safety Communications Center

“Smart911 saves critical time in an emergency when seconds count,” said Culpeper County E911 Director William Martin.

“The key information provided in a Smart911 Safety Profile enables us to know exactly where we are going and who we are looking for if a child goes missing or there is a house fire, those details can help us respond faster and more efficiently.”

“Sending notifications through Rave Alert allows us to keep the public informed of emergencies and how to be prepared and stay safe.”

Users can create their Safety Profile at for free.

Having the profile in the E911 database will allow first responders to be aware of many details they would not have known previously.

Fire crews can arrive at a house fire knowing how many people live in the home and the location of bedrooms, EMS can be advised of allergies or specific medical conditions and police can have the photo of a missing child in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

(See the impact of Rave Mobile Safety technology in 60 Seconds, and find out how Rave’s revolutionary safety technology can help keep your people safe. Courtesy of Rave Mobile Safety and YouTube)

Individuals can also opt-in for Rave Alert which allows citizens to receive timely and actionable emergency alerts via email, text or voice message on their cell phones.

Individuals decide how much information they want to provide when they sign up and it is stored on the Smart911 secure online system.

They can also identify when and how they are alerted and communicated with before, during, and after emergencies.

Rave Alert’s SMS Opt-in feature enables people to easily sign up for alerts by texting a keyword to a short code.
Rave Alert’s SMS Opt-in feature enables people to easily sign up for alerts by texting a keyword to a short code.

“Citizens will receive notifications that will improve safety in our county and help inform residents of potentially lifesaving actions they may need to take in an emergency,” said Bill Ooten, Culpeper County Director of Emergency Services.

“The information in Smart911 Safety Profiles and the emergency notifications allows both residents and first responders to be better informed in an emergency situation.”

Smart911 enables citizens to link both home and work addresses to mobile phones, which can be passed on to responders in the field for more a detailed, rapid response.

All information is optional and the citizen has the ability to choose what details they would like to include.

Rave Mobile Safety Takes Two in the 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program

astor plat 2017 cut for announcement

  • Rave Mobile Safety

    • Platinum ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner
    • Rave Mobile Safety Alert
    • Best IP Mass Notification System

  • Rave Mobile Safety

    • Gold ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner
    • Rave Panic Button
    • Best Emergency Mobile Technology
The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon
The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon

Over 100 distinguished guests from National, State and Local Governments, and Industry Leading Corporate Executives from companies allied to Government, gathered from across North America and the Middle East to be honored from disciplines across the Security Industry in their respective fields which included representatives from:


  • The Department of Homeland Security
  • The Department of Justice
  • The Security Exchange Commission
  • State and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Leaders in Private Security

Recognized for their Innovative Training and Education Programs, Outstanding Product Development Achievements and Exciting New Technologies to address the growing Homeland Security Threats our Nation is facing.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards at

American Security Today will be holding the 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Presentation Luncheon to honor Nominees, Finalists and Winners on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018, at ISC East in New York City.

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