You Could be Cyberstalked for Years & Law Enforcement Can’t Help (Video)


Fifteen years ago, Gary Berman was the CEO of a very successful marketing company. In his words, he was “on top of the world”. But that all changed.

What happened next was something he never expected would happen to him. Nobody thinks they are going to be victims of cybercrime.

(Gary Berman is a former CEO of a marketing agency and a victim of 15 years of cybercrime. He’s now turned into a cybersecurity advocate and is publishing a book on his story and the dangers of cybercrime. Courtesy of CUJO and YouTube)

His mission now is to raise awareness about the importance of vigilance in cyber security and protecting your family, because what happened to him could happen to anyone.

Gary became the target of disgruntled employees who were trying to jump start their own company. They were still employed by Gary and attempting to profit at the expense of his firm.

These malicious employees, moonlighting as hackers, were able to undermine his success in the industry and were only caught red-handed after a series of reputation and revenue damaging offenses.

That’s what makes this story so frightening. Everyone has altercations with their employees or coworkers, but who predict that they could go this far?

Courtesy of Stalking on Air
Courtesy of Stalking on Air

Co-workers are often people we trust, who can access secure information that you make inaccessible to the outside world.

Years passed from this conflict when Gary was re-entering the marketing industry. Again, he began noticing suspicious activity in his online interactions.

Emails were mysteriously deleted, his presentations changed. He realized that his cyberstalkers had returned with a vengeance, years later.

After a decade and a half, Gary decided that his only course of action was to involve the FBI. It is safe to assume that if anyone can help you, as a victim of fifteen years of cyberstalking, it would be law enforcement.

Yet, despite the heaps of evidence he had collected, including incriminating screenshots and videos, the FBI was unable to help.

Gary’s case was brought to the desk of the District Attorney, but even this was not enough.

It is often impossible to collect enough evidence to identify and prosecute hackers. There are often no consequences.

After this failed attempt to bring his ex-employees to justice, Gary decided to put his efforts into advocating and generating awareness for the cyber security problem.

Stalking on Air
Stalking on Air by Gary Berman will be available this summer

He wants to help families and small businesses to avoid falling victims to the same type of attacks he has suffered.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that Gary’s horror story is not unique.

For this reason, Gary threw himself and his experience into his book “Stalking On Air”, which will be available this summer.

Although cyber security is a hot topic in the media, nobody expects that they or their families will be the targets of hackers, and many are unsure of how they should react.

In reality, anybody can be a target. Although the problem does not seem immediate or urgent to daily life, Gary’s story shows us why it is so important to take proactive measures. Ignoring the potential problem can leave you vulnerable until it is too late.

It may seem worrying, the fact that even the FBI is powerless in reprimanding these cyber bandits.

Yet, there are solutions that lie outside of the realm of standard security measures, such as CUJO.

(CUJO smart firewall secures your home devices against cyber threats and hackers. Connect to your router, control with a smartphone. Plus, CUJO allows you to control what your kids access online. Courtesy of CUJO and YouTube)

Contrary to what most people believe, a router and anti-virus are often not enough to protect you from hackers. CUJO is a smart firewall that protects all devices connected to your wifi from potential threats.

It was created in anticipation of the holes of existing cyber security measures. It detects and monitors potentially dangerous activity, on everything from your laptop to smartphone to security cameras, smart TVs,  and alarm systems.

Protect your smart home against all threats using these smart home firewall protection devices.

These devices act as an entry point for hackers. CUJO immediately blocks and notifies you of suspicious activity as, so you do not have to be the victim of malicious hackers for over a decade and a half.

Many CUJO users share similar stories in that they have been victims of hacking in the past. They have a lot to lose from a breach of their data, privacy, and finances.

You could consider yourself a completely mundane, uninteresting target for potential hackers.

In reality, it is difficult, if not impossible, to expect the origin of a malicious hack. The danger is that many people have no idea if their privacy has been compromised until they have already been negatively affected.

After everything he has experienced, Gary proclaims: “The internet is fantastic for so many things. But you need to proceed with caution”.

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