DefenCell MAC for Border Security (See How it Works)

The DefenCell™ barrier systems provide personnel and infrastructure protection in Military, Security and Environmental applications.

Lightweight, man portable with a small logistical footprint, it is available in various flexible and modular configurations from individual positions up to complete forward bases and can be deployed rapidly, with or without engineering support.

(Defencell MAC provides ballistic protection, blast mitigation and HVM vehicle barriers. It can also be used for environmental applications and is ideal for flood protection. It has been tested against a wide range of ballistic threats and different explosive charges, and meets the protection requirements of STANAG 2280. Courtesy of Defencell and YouTube)

In both military and security applications it affords protection from small arms fire right up to VBIEDs and artillery.

In the environmental sphere, DefenCell™’s proven geocell technology makes it ideal for flood protection and ground stablization.


Over 900 units of the DefenCell MAC range of geotextile lined metal gabions were recently delivered to the Tunisian authorities for deployment on the Tunisian Libyan border, which is part of Tunisia’s ongoing efforts to enhance border security between the two countries.

DefenCell MAC gabions are filled with earth, sand or other locally available fill materials and provide ballistic protection, walls and HVM vehicle barriers and meet the exacting requirements of NATO and US DOD standards.

DefenCell MAC is constructed using the highest quality materials to established and tested standards by Maccaferri, the world’s leading manufacturer of gabion structures, using heavily galvanized welded mesh panels and corner coils combined with a heavy-duty geotextile lining material created from UV resistant polymer fibre using the same advanced technology as the proven DEFENCELL fabrics.