DHS S&T Invites Counter UAS Devs to Submit Tech for Assessment

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) is inviting developers of counter unmanned aerial system (CUAS) technologies to participate in technology assessments.

A Request for Information – Participation (RFIP) was released for the 2017 Technical Assessment of Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Technologies in Cities (TACTIC) program.

Selected C-UAS technology solutions will be assessed in an operationally relevant environment.

TACTIC will take place in two parts: the first, which will take place during Summer 2017, will be a familiarization assessment to allow technology developers to test their C-UAS systems under urban conditions and make changes as needed.

The second part, to be held in the Fall of 2017, will be an assessment to quantify C-UAS system performance.

“The TACTIC program is designed to understand the viable technological solutions that are currently available,” said S&T Program Executive Officer Anh Duong.

“DHS S&T is committed to providing comprehensive technical guidance in the area of unmanned aerial systems and proven solutions to the DHS operational components and the entire Homeland Security Enterprise.”

“In order to provide this information, we must conduct rigorous technical assessments.”

Data collected during TACTIC, as well as other separate tests and exercises conducted by DHS S&T, will be used for the development and validation of modeling and simulation, to develop a predictive capability for system performance in various terrains and for cost/benefit analysis.

For example, Liteye’s AUDS counter-UAS system has been deployed with US Forces to protect critical assets and personnel

The data will be included in an interagency compendium of C-UAS solutions being updated semi-annually for the National Security Council.

Based on the findings, DHS S&T will provide best practices and strategies to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

As organizations across the Homeland Security Enterprise become more aware of small UAS threats, they are increasingly prepared to recognize, respond, report and resolve small UAS incidents, making the nation more resilient.

The RFIP, posted on FedBizOpps, is open to industry, academia, and other government organizations with C-UAS technology solutions ready for assessment. The deadline for submitting applications is March 24, 2017.

RFIP responses should be focused on technology solutions that detect, identify and track small UAS and/or ground control stations, with a focus on technology solutions that are capable of making automated threat declarations and rejecting erroneous or unwanted reports, as well as reducing operator workload to the maximum extent possible.

Solutions must be Technology Readiness Level 6 or above.

For more information on Technology Readiness Level 6, please contact NUSTL@hq.dhs.gov.

DHS S&TThe government does not intend to make a contract award based on this RFIP, but will seek to enter a Limited Purpose Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with each manufacturer, vendor or non-public entity selected to participate in the 2017 TACTIC.

For more information on this RFIP, the DHS S&T 2017 TACTIC or future DHS S&T solicitations, contact NUSTL@hq.dhs.gov.