DHS S&T SVIP to WA Host Industry Day June 14 (Learn More)

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must rapidly identify and develop technologies to counter emerging threats.

Through the engagement of, and partnership with first responders and the emergency preparedness and response community at every state, and at the local, state, tribal and federal level, the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) First Responders Group (FRG) pursues a better understanding of the response community’s needs and requirements, provides technical assistance and develops innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges faced during day-to-day and large-scale emergencies.

(S&T is mobilizing innovation to secure our world. From sensors to cybersecurity to technology for first responders, we work with you to find tomorrow’s solutions, today. Courtesy of DHS Science and Technology Directorate and YouTube)

DHS’s Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) launched the Innovation Other Transaction Solicitation (OTS) HSHQDC-16-R-B0005 in December last year.

The OTS Innovation framework ​​engages early stage ​start-ups through ​targeted ​non-dilutive ​funding ​and ​provides ​opportunities ​ for ​operational ​testing ​and ​market access. ​

The SVIP hopes ​​to ​rapidly expand the ​commercial ​development ​roadmaps ​​to ​include ​homeland ​security ​ solutions by ​incentivizing ​product ​developers.

SVIP in partnership with FRG released three topic calls under the Innovation OTS:

DHS SVIP Industry Day

Towards that end, the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T) Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) will host an Industry Day, June 14, in Seattle, Washington, to introduce opportunities for technology startups and investors to develop or implement existing cutting-edge technologies to support S&T’s mission in the areas of:

The purpose of this Industry Day is to:

1. Describe the Silicon Valley Innovation Program to startups
2. Describe the homeland security challenges, use case and technical need for these topics
3. Show you how to apply for funding

DHS S&T SVIP offers non-dilutive funding for early-stage startups with commercial solutions that can be adapted for homeland security use.

SVIP is building relationships with tech professionals in Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs around the country to familiarize them with the technology needs of DHS operators and end-users.

DHS S&TDHS with its broad mission and expansive global operations can be an excellent venue for tech startups to pilot and apply innovative solutions in support of the agency’s crucial homeland security mission.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. PST – DHS S&T Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) will host an Industry Day to present technology needs in the areas of Energy Harvesting Fabrics, 3D Dynamic Mapping, and Identity and Anti-Spoofing of Non-Person Entities.

Impact Hub
220 2nd Avenue South
Seattle, Washington

Visit https://regonline.com/DHS-SVIP-FRG-June2017-ID for details and to register for this Industry Day