Dronefly New Infographic for Police & Law Enforcement Drone Use (Video)

Dronefly has released a new infographic titled: ‘Police and Law Enforcement Drones: Drones in the Field Infographic’.

Dronefly, a leader in commercial drone solutions for markets ranging from police and fire to industrial, has been working alongside officials to develop solutions for law enforcement.

The Featured Six Key Uses Include:

  • Search & Rescue

    • Even hard to reach terrain can be easily examined for lost or injured people especially when equipped with a thermal camera.
  • Traffic Collision Reconstruction

    • Aerial photography combined with mapping software gives investigators new tools to analyze and present accident reports.
  • Active Shooter Investigation

    • A rapidly deployable live aerial video feed during an emergency gives first responders a better understanding of the unfolding situation.
Image courtesy of Dronefly
  • Crime Scene Analysis

    • Aerial photography of a crime scene provides a superior overview and a deeper analysis of the events that took place.
  • Surveillance

    • Drones equipped with zoom cameras allow the monitoring of illegal operations or people of interest at safe distances.
  • Crowd monitoring

    • A live aerial view of a large gathering of people allow for easy observation just incase an emergency arises.
Courtesy of Dronefly
Courtesy of Dronefly

(Learn More. Alex from Dronefly covers our recently published Police drone infographic. Courtesy of Dronefly and YouTube)

“Having a visual overview during times of crisis, from search and rescue operations to active shooters, drones provide law enforcement and first responders with a better understanding of the situation at hand without putting more people’s lives in danger,” explains Mike Zaya (Founder & CEO).

Mike Zaya
Mike Zaya

“Moreover, drones provide an aerial view at a fraction of the cost of helicopters and can be deployed more rapidly.”

For more information about Dronefly’s Police and Law Enforcement Drones Infographic, visit https://www.dronefly.com/pages/police-drone-infographic

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