DroneShield Accepting Orders for DroneSentry & DroneSentinel

DroneSentry provides its users with a multi-method drone detection capability and includes and integrates radar, radio frequency, acoustic, thermal and optical (with a range extender) sensor detection, i.e. all the key technologically viable detection methods that currently exist.

For interception, DroneSentry integrates these layered detection methods with a radio-frequency jamming system.

This integrated detect-and-defeat functionality can be deployed either via a “man in the loop” function or in the automatic mode.

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DroneSentry will be available only to those customers who are legally able to deploy jamming in their relevant jurisdiction.

DroneSentinel is aimed at those customers who are unable to deploy jamming because of regulatory restrictions.

It contains DroneSentry’s multi-sensor detection functionality, without the jamming capability.

DroneSentinel (artist rendering). Base model is shown.
DroneSentinel (artist rendering). Base model is shown.

Both DroneSentry and DroneSentinel are highly modular and, depending on the customer’s requirements can include or exclude any of the following modules:


Radar (RadarOne)

  • DroneShield RadarOne provides rapid, precise tracking of airborne targets with 360 degrees of azimuth coverage at ranges of 1km or more.
  • It is suitable for mobile and permanent installations, and deploys in minutes.
  • RadarOne supports automatic tracking of airborne targets and can display hundreds of track simultaneously.
  • It is configurable through the DroneShield User Interface.
  • It’s the ideal long-range detection solution for airborne targets.



Radio frequency (RfOne)

  • DroneShield RfOne provides reliable RF detection over 360° horizontal field of coverage using 4 x 90° sector antenna panels.
  • RfOne is capable of passively detecting the radio frequency emissions from commercial drones and drone operators in excess of 1km.
  • RfOne detects through pre-conditioned identification and recognition of RF signatures between the controller and drone, detects FPV (First Person Video) RF signals from the drone to controller and listens out for Controller to Drone Telemetry in frequency bands used by commercially available drones RfOne has the ability to distinguish non-drone RF activity within the frequency bands of interest.



Thermal camera (DroneHeat) and/or Optical camera (DroneOpt)

  • DroneHeat & DroneOpt offer thermal video feed with 10x optical zoom and HD color video with 30x optical zoom enabling the human to both detect and verify drone threat events.
  • Both thermal and video outputs are provided simultaneously.
  • The design of the unit allows for it be operated in extremely harsh environments.
  • It’s the ideal solution for human verification of a drone threat.



FarAlert Sensors
FarAlert Sensors

Acoustic (FarAlert and WideAlert)

  • DroneShield FarAlert Sensors ensure your drone surveillance capabilities are maximized with an extended-area drone detection reach of up to a 1km radius.
  • Sensors can be configured remotely using the DroneShield® User Interface.
  • It’s the ideal first-line detection solution, affording your security force with time to react.



Optical range extender (DroneBeam) 

  • DroneBeam offers a 12,000,000 candle power remotely enabled spotlight that greatly extends the engagement range of the attached DroneOpt camera.
  • In addition, its powerful beam is an effective optical countermeasure, overpowering optical sensors in the path of the beam.
  • Featuring adjustable beam width and intensity, DroneBeam is the perfect complement to DroneOpt for operator verification of potential threats.
  • Perfect for the long range visual identification of targets.

The Company will continue to offer these detection modules as stand-alone products where required by users, however, given the requirements expressed by users, going forward, DroneShield will focus its sales on the integrated systems (DroneSentry and DroneSentinel). 

Both DroneSentry and DroneSentinel can be deployed as fixed site and portable solutions.


In addition, DroneShield remains focused on DroneGun, the stand-alone portable rifle-style jammer that is currently undergoing multiple trials and governmental procurement processes globally.

(See in Action! Courtesy of DroneShield and YouTube)

DroneGun provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models.

It allows for a controlled management of drone payload such as explosives, with no damage to common drones models or surrounding environment due to the drones generally responding via a vertical controlled landing on the spot, or returning back to the starting point (assisting to track the operator).

Benefits of DroneGun Tactical Drone Jammer:

  • Effective coverage: Allows for an up to 2km coverage, in a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Portable: Rifle shape with a backpack, one person operation
  • Easy to use: no technical training for set up or use required
  • Immediate video cease: immediately ceases video transmission back to the drone operator
  • Enables investigation: drone remains intact and available for forensic investigation

(See military demonstration. Courtesy of DroneShield and YouTube)

DroneShield has been actively trialing DroneGun with a number of militaries globally over the recent months, as drone deployments in armed conflicts continue to rise rapidly.