EITC To Fight Internal & External Cyber Threats to DoD Networks

The federal government awarded Enlighten IT Consulting (EITC) its $3.3 million Cyberstrike contract.

Under Cyberstrike, EITC has teamed with industry partners and government agencies charged with cyber threat awareness, reporting, and threat elimination for DoD information networks.

This capability will protect data from authorized (insider threat) and unauthorized users, ensuring the streamlining and sharing of critical mission data.

The SECDEF-approved DoD Cyber Strategy, released in April 2015, emphasizes a renewed focus on three primary objectives:


EITC is uniquely positioned to support the DoD’s efforts with the subject matter expertise and innovative processes necessary to meet critical national security missions supporting our country’s warfighters.

According to Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, meeting the goals of the DoDs cyber strategy will ensure the commitment of the United States in keeping the internet reliable, open, secure and prosperous and also ensure the freedom of expression, association and privacy that defines our nation as a whole.

“Cyberstrike is a strategic and groundbreaking win for Enlighten as we continue to take a leading role in cyber security for the Department of Defense and build our book of business,” said Shawn Justice, CEO, Enlighten IT Consulting.

“Cyberstrike represents the first of two prime contracts we were awarded in 2015 and distinguishes Enlighten as an industry leader in the cyber domain.”

Enlighten IT ConsultingEnlighten IT Consulting Inc., is a veteran-owned information technology solutions company headquartered in Hanover, MD.

Founded in 2007, Enlighten delivers mission critical services to federal, state, and local clients with specific emphasis on the warfighter and decision makers responsible for national defense and security.

To learn more on the DOD Cyber Strategy, please visit http://www.defense.gov/News/Special-Reports/0415_Cyber-Strategy