Entrust Datacard Recognized by Frost & Sullivan

    Entrust Datacard, has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a leading SSL/TLS certificate services provider.

    The company earned four “points of competitive differentiation,” factors considered most critical by the research firm in choosing a Certification Authority (CA). Organizations rely on CAs as trusted third-parties to issue electronic certificates that verify a digital identity and prevent the impersonation of a secure website or application.

    Entrust Datacard received points in the categories of Best Certificate-as-a-Service, Best Innovation Initiated in 2015, Best Customer Service and Most Versatile Digital Certificates Portfolio.

    The company has combined multiple web security solutions into a single Certificate-as-a-Service (CTaaS) offering, Entrust Certificate Services, a web-based solution that also offers certificate discovery, website security, best practices implementation and centralized management of all certificates.

    Sam Morcos, General Manager, Certificate Services Entrust Datacard
    Sam Morcos, General Manager, Certificate Services, Entrust Datacard

    Entrust Datacard was also recognized for its Automated SSL Server Test that provides server configuration testing to ensure TLS/SSL certificates are properly installed and end-points are configured properly to defend against TLS/SSL related breaches.

    “Trust is incredibly important in our increasingly digital world, so CAs are crucial to help ensure organizations are securely installing and managing digital certificates,” said Sam Morcos, senior vice president and general manager certificate services for Entrust Datacard.

    “This recognition from Frost & Sullivan reinforces the fact that our SSL/TLS encryption protection goes beyond the certificate. Rather, we continue to innovate an advanced certificate management solution to provide security beyond the certificate.”

    The differentiation points reflect a growing need for web applications secured by high assurance certificates and issued by a reputable CA.

    Traditionally CAs issued, revoked and authenticated SSL/TLS certificates. However, this role has evolved to include central PKI administration, CTaaS life cycle management, root browser ubiquity and versatility in digital certificates and services.

    As one of the largest CAs in terms of market share, Entrust Datacard has been instrumental in moving the industry toward a CTaaS model and assuring a truly secure IT environment for website transactions.

    Frost & Sullivan’s report, “SSL/TLS Certificates Market, Finding the Business Model in an All Encrypt World,” is recognized by the industry as a key benchmark of the top competitors in the SSL/TLS market as it moves toward a CTaaS model.

    To learn more about the Entrust Datacard™ SSL/TLS certificates, read the full Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Report or visit https://www.entrust.com/ssl-certificates/.

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