FLIR’s New Belt-Worn Radiation Detector for First Responders (Video)

Through years of working with our customers, FLIR has learned that no single product can meet all the various applications for handheld radiation security solutions.

Different applications require different detector sizes and sensitivities.

Some applications require smaller, more rugged devices while at other times, increased sensitivity outweighs the importance of deploying a compact, lightweight instrument.

It can be a complicated decision, but it doesn’t have to be!

FLIR has now added the new identiFINDER R100 personal radiation detector for first responders, law enforcement, military and security personnel, broadening FLIR’s identiFINDER radiation detection product lineup.

The belt-worn, rugged identiFINDER R100 is the latest and smallest addition to FLIR’s industry-leading identiFINDER R-Series handheld radiation products.

The IdentiFINDER R100 delivers immediate radiation threat alarms and provides first responder central command personnel with radiation dose rate reports to improve situational awareness.

(Learn More about the identiFINDER line of personal radiation detectors, courtesy of FLIR and YouTube)

The Bluetooth enabled identiFINDER R100 records and sends real-time dose rates and geotag information via a companion app.

Plus, it’s the only personal radiation detector that is American National Standards Institute (ANSI) drop-test compliant, meeting the 1.5M drop criteria, and IP67 rated, which ensures protection against dust and immersion in water up to 1M depth.

The original identiFINDER user interface is well-known for its ease of use and intuitive structure. Based on our customer feedback, we use this same core interface with an expanded feature set to operate all identiFINDER models.

The shared user interface allows a user trained on one instrument to operate them all without any additional training. This also allows agencies to cooperate more seamlessly, providing better protection against emerging and evolving threats.

For over 30 years, FLIR has provided first responders with leading-edge thermal imaging and radiation identification products.

More than 20,000 identiFINDER® R-Series products are deployed globally, making it the most trusted radiation detection and identification product family available.

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All identiFINDER models, including the identiFINDER R100, share the same field-proven, intuitive user interface, which enables coordinated emergency response between law enforcement, firefighters, and HAZMAT teams using any identiFINDER product.

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