Gun Transfer Launches Cloud-Based Firearm Transfer Software

Gun Transfer is the first and only company that provides online transfer services for the used gun market.

In 3 easy steps, users can change ownership of their firearm legally and safely.

Online firearm transfers include identity verifications, state residency checks, confirmations on the user’s eligibility to buy or sell a gun, firearm sale background checks, and electronic contracts.

Randall Gorham, Co-founder of Gun Transfer
Randall Gorham, Co-founder of Gun Transfer

“We created Gun Transfer to protect the firearm seller and buyer from any liability,” said Randall Gorham, Co-founder of Gun Transfer.

“Gun sellers are required to follow complex gun laws that change frequently. Gun buyers are at risk of identity theft and classified ad scams. Gun Transfer solves these problems and makes used gun sales safe and easy.”

Gun Transfer’s process is simple and intuitive. After creating a free account, the seller or buyer can initiate our 3-step firearm transfer.

  • Information: The buyer or seller enters basic information about the firearm and invites the other party to the transaction using their cell phone number or email.
  • Verification: Gun Transfer conducts all the verifications necessary including the optional firearms sale background check.
  • Complete: Finish the transaction by electronically signing the digital bill of sale.
Stephen Anderson, Co-Founder of Gun Transfer
Stephen Anderson, Co-Founder of Gun Transfer

“Gun Transfer was built by gun owners for gun owners. Just like our customers, we don’t want anyone, including the government, to have a list of our guns or access to our personal information,” said Stephen Anderson, Co-founder of Gun Transfer.

“We built Gun Transfer to address those concerns on a secure and reliable platform.”

Gun Transfer believes in private gun ownership, both as a constitutional right and a moral obligation to protect family and community.

Easy access to used firearms is key to maintaining our 2nd Amendment rights.

Keeping guns in the hands of law abiding citizens, minimizing gun crimes, and protecting yourself from liability are vital.

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Gun Transfer is the easiest and most responsible way to transfer a firearm.

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