Harris Connected Battlefield Tech’s at IDEX (Multi-Video Sneak Preview)

Harris Corporation plans to showcase its broad range of advanced products and integrated systems, designed and created to help customers connect the on the battlefield, during the 2017 International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), Feb.19-23, in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Harris will exhibit and demonstrate its proven solutions that meet urgent security challenges associated with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) issues and that offer new opportunities for modernizing force structures.

Harris is uniquely capable of providing individual and fully integrated solutions, with key offerings such as digital command and control, tactical communications, persistent surveillance, night vision, robotics and more.

Solutions that will be showcased include:

Harris hC2™ Software Suite Command

  • A complete command and control solution that connects all echelons and provides a common operational view with real-time intelligence.

(As part of the Harris hComms Battle & Communications Management Software family, the Harris hC2 Software Suite streamlines network access through an easy-to-use interface. Courtesy of Harris Corporation and YouTube)

Harris Falcon III® RF-7850A-MR Multi-channel Airborne Networking Radio

  • World’s first certified airborne two-channel networking radio extends ground tactical capabilities to the aerial tier.

(Using a system of ground and airborne radios with tactical Command and Control (hC2) software, real-time communications are maintained ensuring informed decision making. Courtesy of Harris Corporation and YouTube)

Harris Falcon III® RF-7850M-HH Multiband Networking Handheld Radio

  • Delivers the power and performance of a manpack in a ruggedized, SWaP-friendly handheld radio.

Harris Falcon III® RF-7850M-V51x Vehicular/Base Multiband Radio System

  • System provides superior Combat Net Radio performance and flexibility.

BeOn® Secure Group Communications Application

  • Secure group-communications app that enables Push-to-Talk (PTT) and real-time location and presence information.

(BeOn is Public Safety’s most advanced P25 Push-to-Talk application for today’s mobile devices whether running iOS, Android or Windows on a PC client and is quickly evolving as the platform of choice by third party application developers to host secure public safety applications such as facial recognition, event detection, situational awareness apps and much, much more. Courtesy of Harris Corporation and YouTube)


  • Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) system helps users monitor activity, track movement, and gather critical intelligence over a city-size area.


(The Harris CorvusEye™ 1500 Wide Area Motion Imagery persistent surveillance system was designed to support those tasked with protecting borders, critical infrastructure and high-profile events including law enforcement and military. Courtesy of Harris Corporation and YouTube)

T7 Robotic Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) System

  • Robot features intuitive control and human-like dexterity — making it easy to complete complex tasks with minimal training time.

(The T7 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) System provides best-in-class mobility, manipulation & intuitive control, delivering uncompromised performance for critical EOD missions for law enforcement or military users. Courtesy of Harris Corporation and YouTube)

Harris Corporation has supported customers in the Middle East/Northern Africa region for more than 50 years — delivering customized, innovative solutions that anticipate the warfighters’ needs.

Around the world, Harris technologies are used every day in mission operations by thousands of warfighters in every domain.

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They provide secure communications, digital command and control, and reliable intelligence for a distinct tactical advantage.

As military requirements expand and evolve in today’s current environment, Harris is developing and deploying solutions that protect critical information and enable real-time action.