Hexagon Unveils New Public Safety Reporting Application

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has unveiled Intergraph InSight Reporting, a platform for quickly building and sharing interactive public safety agency reports and dashboards.

It delivers data models and pre-built reports for Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) and also connects to third-party data sources.

Unveiled at HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s international conference, Intergraph InSight Reporting removes the reliance on specialist data management and analysis skills to prepare source data and develop reports, reducing costs and enabling agencies to respond quicker to their stakeholders’ needs.

It increases awareness and improves communication through clear reports delivered automatically or on demand.

It also delivers deeper insight by leveraging multiple data sources without additional licensing fees and restrictions.

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“Agencies hold a great deal of data in their public safety systems,” said Steve Marz, vice president of product management, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

“But they struggle to extract and share information to better understand and address complex issues.”

Steven Marz, vice president of product management, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure
Steven Marz, vice president of product management, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

“Intergraph InSight Reporting provides an ideal platform to organize information comprehensively into interactive reports and dashboards. It makes reporting much simpler and easier.”

Intergraph InSight Reporting features more than 25 pre-built, standard reports. Users can also build custom dashboards and a wide variety of interactive reports, leveraging Microsoft Report Builder and Power BI.

The application seamlessly populates data from I/CAD, and users can easily integrate third-party data sources into their custom reports and dashboards.

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