Honeywell TITAN Makes Locating Downed Firefighters Easier (Video)

Honeywell has announced a significant improvement to it’s flagship Honeywell TITAN firefighter breathing equipment, to include a louder alarm in order to make it easier to find downed firefighters.

As part of their standard turnout gear, firefighters wear an air cylinder with a respirator and face piece known as self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

This equipment includes an alarm system that sounds when a firefighter goes down or is motionless to alert others they need help.

Honeywell’s enhanced alarm now sounds at a higher volume and with a different sound pattern in order to be heard over background noise at the scene of a fire and from a longer distance.

The alarm meets new requirements from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

“An SCBA is a critical part of firefighter’s safety gear on the fire ground, and the improved alarm will do a better job of sounding an alert if they become incapacitated or motionless,” said Lynn Feiner, product marketing manager for Honeywell First Responder products.

“Honeywell is committed to investing in new solutions, including connected technologies that advance safety so firefighters can focus their energy on attacking the fire knowing their equipment has the most advanced technology.”

(RAE Systems presents insight on the Toxic Twins, HCN and CO, with firefighter feedback from around the U.S.. Courtesy of HoneywellSafety and YouTube)

Honeywell TITAN is the only SCBA to offer dual-motion sensors, one on the firefighter’s front alarm system and a second on the firefighter’s back alarm system.

This dual-sensing feature helps eliminate false alarms because it is better able than a single motion sensor to detect even subtle motions of a firefighter.

All new Honeywell TITAN SCBAs shipped after Dec. 21, 2016, include the improved alarm system.

Fire departments seeking to upgrade their 2007 and 2013 edition TITAN equipment to the newer standard should contact their Honeywell-authorized service center or a Honeywell trained technician for more information.

Honeywell is an industry leader in firefighter turnout gear, supplying more than 80 percent of North America’s largest 20 metropolitan areas with turnout gear and emergency response apparel.

(Understand the invisible dangers of the “toxic-wins”; Hydrogen Cyanide and Carbon Monoxide, and how to protect yourself even in the most controlled environments. Courtesy of HoneywellSafety and YouTube)

Honeywell First Responder is part of Honeywell Industrial Safety, which provides comprehensive solutions to help organizations manage workplace safety, including personal protection gear for a worker’s eyes, ears, hands and head; respiratory protection; and toxic gas monitors.

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) provides products, software and connected solutions that improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance for our customers across the globe.

Honeywell TITAN



    1.  Carrying Handle and Strap.
      One large handle and a large carrying strap both withstand 1,000 lb. of pull force for easy carrying and extraction.
    2. Lightweight Backplate.
      Lightweight aluminum backplate delivers superior strength and stability and offers 1,000 lb. of pull strength, with extra cutouts to hang additional gear or rope bag.
    3. Four Carabiner Attachments.
      Four large openings on the backplate are designed as carabiner attachment points and can withstand up to 1,000 lb. of pull force for extrication.
    4. Two Regulator Receivers.
      Provide the user with two convenient locations to store the second stage regulator.
    5. Low-air Alarm.
      Choice of two loud audible low-air alarms (bell or warbling whistle) located near the user’s ear for easy detection by the user.
    6. Visual Low-air Alarms.
      Visual alarms on the exterior of the LED HUD and front and back PASS illuminate and flash for easy identification in dark, high-noise environments.
    7. Cylinder Band.
      A simple and reliable lock-and-release system makes for quick cylinder changeouts with one hand.
    8. Optional Front PASS.
      Super-bright bi-color LEDs provide immediate visual indications for sensing or alarm mode. A large gauge is illuminated by two extremely bright white LEDs that blink when the SCBA activates the low-air alarm. Large buttons can be felt with a gloved hand.
    9. PASS Alarms.
      Audible alarms and visual indicators provide immediate warning for sensing or alarm mode along with a visual low-air and battery status indicator.
    10. Two Motion Sensors.
      Two motion sensors, one in the front PASS and one in the back PASS, keep the TITAN SCBA in sensing mode, minimizing false alarms. Easy identification in dark, high-noise environments.
    11. Optional Pathfinder. 
      The Honeywell Pathfinder Firefighter Locating System significantly reduces the time to locate a downed firefighter.
    12. Central Power Supply.
      Four C Alkaline batteries provide power to the front and back PASS, all indicator lights and electronic audible alarms, HUD, and optional Pathfinder locating system.
    13. Swivel and Pivot Hip Pad.
      Flexes and moves to adapt to each user’s body contours, and distributes weight evenly.
    14. Optional Quick-release Buddy Breather.
      When deployed, the buddy breather hose is in the user’s hand, ready for action.
    15. Shoulder Straps.
      No more slip! Ara-shield® material is integrated into the shoulder straps, providing a tacky surface, yet it allows exceptional movement.
    16. Gear Straps.
      Four built-in gear straps can be used for hanging lapel mics, flashlights, or other lighter gear.
    17. Grab Handles.
      Large grab handles allow easy location and adjustment of the shoulder straps and waist belt, even with gloved hands.
    18. First Stage Pressure Reducer.
      The first stage pressure reducer’s fail-safe design is simple and reliable, designed to help eliminate snag points.
    19. Rapid Intervention Crew/Company Universal Air Connection (RIC UAC).
      The RIC UAC is angled, eliminating another snag point. It’s located next to the CGA handwheel for easy access.
    20. D-rings.
      Optional D-rings on the waist belt and an adjustable, sliding D-ring on the lower shoulder strap are designed for carrying additional gear or rope bags.
    21. Optional Sliding D-ring.
      Allows users to adjust the height of the D-ring to the position they need, and makes carrying and reaching equipment easy and comfortable.


Honeywell TITANSuperior Optics and Unparalleled Vision

    1. Twenty/20+ CBRN Facepiece. 
      An optically correct anti-fog lens provides a distortion-free view and unsurpassed peripheral vision. A soft butyl rubber skirt furnishes excellent sealing features, comfort, and durability.
    2. Hard-wired Heads-up Display (HUD).
      LED-style display offers bright readings and an external visual low-air LED.


Two Reliable Options for Keeping Your Team Connected

  1. Voice Amplification System (VAS).
    Loud, clear, distortion-free voice amplification with a choice of push-to-talk or handsfree operation.
  2. Wireless Radio Communication System (RCS).
    Crystal-clear wireless communications that work with sophisticated trunked repeater radio system