IAI Collaborates on Robotic System Project for CBRN High-Risk Areas

IAI inks collaboration agreement with DOK-ING on an autonomous robotic system for areas contaminated by chemical, biological and radioactive agents without risking human lives.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has signed a collaboration agreement with DOK-ING D.O.O (DOK-ING) from Croatia on manufacturing, marketing and sales of a robotic system to be used in high risk areas, including ones contaminated by chemical, biological and radioactive agents (CBRN).

The system comprises a unique dedicated vehicle, which features some of the world’s most advanced robotic capabilities.

These capabilities allow it to perform its tasks efficiently and without risking human lives.

IAI CEO, Joseph Weiss, signed the agreement during a visit of industrial leaders delegation, headed by Israel’s President, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, and Croatia’s President, Mrs. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

DOK-ING will provide the unique platform developed especially to withstand the extreme working environment including strong navigability and transportability in complex terrains.

IAI will provide advanced robotic capabilities, algorithms for autonomous movement, broadband communication systems and command and control systems.

In addition, IAI will also employ special sensors for detecting and classifying contaminants will be embedded in the system including for radioactive radiation.

Joseph Weiss, IAI CEO
Joseph Weiss, IAI CEO

“IAI entered the agreement with DOK-ING as part of our strategy to maintain our domestic and global leadership in autonomous systems,” explained Joseph Weiss, IAI CEO.

“Combined with DOK-ING’s engineering and technological capabilities, we will create a technologically and operationally advanced solution that will provide the high quality response required for hazardous environments without risking human lives.

(Learn More about DOK-ING’s capabilities. The MV-3 Testudo is a Counter Terrorism Robotic Vehicle, remotely controlled, robust and reliable, with standard and special front and rear tools. It is modular vehicle mand multi-mission capable – the best to be used in counter terrorism activities, hostage and other crisis situations.Courtesy of DOK-ING Ltd. and YouTube. Posted on Jun 15, 2018.)

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