Intercept Encrypted Cell Phone Chats, Texts, Locations & More

Meganet Corporation is introducing law enforcements worldwide to the URANUS global interceptor.

The URANUS reportedly has the capabilities to:

  • Intercept any cell phone anywhere in the world without any virus or poison link
  • Enable law enforcement to monitor the phone 24 hours a day
  • Listen to any conversation
  • Read all texts and emails
  • Download pictures and videos
  • Operate the camera to monitor the suspect environment
  • Get a GPS location reading
  • Identify the other party on a call, ID and phone number and more!

A breakthrough technology unlike any other in the world.

This is not a software virus. It takes advantage of an undisclosed vulnerability in the global cell phone network system and injects the spy application into the BIOS of the phone where it can’t be detected or removed or overwritten.

It allows law enforcement a global reach regardless of which phone the target uses, which country they’re in, what network they use or their whereabouts.

They are always under surveillance 24 hours a day. Even swapping the SIM and refreshing the phone will not remove the application.

URANUS has capabilities unmatched by any intelligence organization capabilities in the world bar none.

The product can be customized and configured for the specific phones and networks of the designated target area.

Prices Range from $50,000,000 (Fifty Million) USD up to $200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million) USD for a full global configuration.

URANUS is part of the CHAOS GLOBAL DOMINATION collection of law enforcement and intelligence product line that includes:

Dominator 4G

  • A Cell Phone Interceptor that can intercept off the air cell phone conversations and text messages on GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G & Satellite completely transparent.

(Learn More. Dominator GSM Cell Phone Interceptor with up to 4 concurrent base stations and 16 concurrent phones. Includes SMS intercept and modify, Directional Finder and more. Courtesy of Meganet Corporation and YouTube)


  • An off the air global cell phone interceptor that can intercept cell phone communications from any phone anywhere in the world from anywhere else in the world and identify the location of the caller and his counterpart.

VME Locator

  • Breakthrough Big Data Technology Identifies Terrorists, Terror Organizations, Ticking Bombs and Prevents Terror Attacks.

Product is intended for lawful law enforcement use only and requires an end user certificate. Inquiries:

Inquiries will be accepted only from official government and law enforcement email addresses.

Meganet Corporation is a USA DOD & Federal Government Contractor providing the USA, NATO & Allies Forces with technologies to fight the global terror organizations.