IriTech Introduces Iris Camera System Designed for PCs (See in Action)

As enterprises and governments use PC/laptop to store important information, it’s critical to deploy a security feature to better manage the device access and protect the data.

With the use of iris recognition, it helps eliminate the troublesome password and hackers who try to get access to the device.

To address these challenges, IriTech has revealed a new product line called IriVault, an iris camera system designed specifically for laptop and desktop computers.

IriVault is a compact and lightweight camera under 3.5 inches designed to be connected externally, as an encased product, or internally, as an OEM module, to a PC to provide real-time iris identification for applications such as desktop sign-in without passwords, single sign-on, online payments, email/file/folder encryption and decryption.

These functions can be done automatically as a background Windows service when the pre-registered user is present in front of the PC.

(IriTech’s newly developed iris solution for Laptop/PC. Iris camera module can be integrated seamlessly into Laptop or PC to replace passwords in various applications such as: device log in, payment, email access, etc. Courtesy of IriTech and YouTube)

IriVault is powered by IriTech’s iris recognition algorithm, which is resilient to various ambient lighting conditions and eye glasses.

IriVault supports side-gazing of up to 25 degrees left/right and up/down at a stand-off distance between 12 and 16 inches, the natural distance range for most users working with PC.

IriTech’s technology has many advantages over other iris recognition technologies

  • Rigorous US government testing (NIST IREX I) demonstrated our software was superior among the world’s top iris recognition algorithms.
  • IriTech is one of the few companies in the world that holds international patents for an iris identification algorithm and systems.
  • IriTech’s breakthrough embedded camera technology is affordable, compact, yet high performance. It removes processing burden from the host computer.
  • IriTech’s cameras can encrypt and secure transmission of networked data via user certificates, preventing the upload of false images.
  • Our software and hardware is able to generate and process ISO Standard images that can be used with any other camera or software.
  • The pupil and iris are not perfect circles. Instead of force-fitting, IriTech’s algorithm maps to the natural curves of the pupil and iris to generate the best fit.
  • IriTech’s algorithm divides the iris into a large number of sectors. This matrix’s fine resolution extracts as much useful information as possible from the image, increasing accuracy.
  • Identification is possible if as little as 30% of the iris is visible and the comparison image stored on record is high quality.

The company says it has been discussing integrating IriVault into laptops with several PC manufacturers.

IriTech will showcase IriVault at MWC Americas 2017 next month in San Fransisco.

Earlier this month, Frost & Sullivan recognized IriTech with the 2017 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for “New Product Innovation”, based on its recent analysis of the new trends in the iris biometrics industry.

With more than 16 years in the industry, IriTech’s iris solutions have been trusted and accepted in many large-scale governments, NGO and commercial projects.

IriTech aims to provide cost-effective yet powerful solutions for system integrators in myriads of applications including national ID, border control, law enforcement, healthcare, education, finance and mobile.

Moreover, IriTech was top ranked by the US government’s NIST for accuracy, interoperability and enrollment.

Iritech’s iris recognition technology has achieved of international (ISO) Standards, US (ANSI) and in RTIC Standard.