Kappler & ADS Partner to Support Defense Dept Markets (Learn More)

Department of Defense (DoD) emergency responders should benefit from streamlined access to protective apparel, thanks to a Strategic Distribution Agreement between Kappler and ADS.

Kappler is a global leader in protective apparel and fabrics for chemical and biohazard protection, serving military, hazmat, emergency response, industrial and healthcare markets worldwide, from coveralls to gas-tight suits.

(For example of Kappler’s innovative technologies, see a demonstration of the benefits of Kappler’s new AntiFog Visor system now available on Kappler gas-tight suits. Courtesy of Kappler Inc. and YouTube)

Kappler produces a wide range of protective apparel for military and other government applications, including innovative garments like the Zytron® 300 NFPA-certified style shown.

ADS provides mission-critical solutions for military personnel and will serve as a key Kappler distributor for DoD markets.

According to Ashley Brady, Director of Markets/Special Missions Solutions for ADS, this relationship between industry leaders offers a streamlined solution to ensure proven, cost-effective protection for DoD personnel.

“Chemical protection is literally a life-or-death issue for emergency responders,” Brady said.

“We are excited to be able to deliver the absolute best products to our military customers through this new business relationship with Kappler.”

Kappler and ADS have worked together for the last few years, combining Kappler protective technology expertise with ADS’s unique skill-set for best-practice procurement support.

Laura Kappler-Roberts, Kappler President and CEO
Laura Kappler-Roberts, Kappler President and CEOLaura Kappler-Roberts, Kappler President and CEO 

The new partnership will allow both companies to optimize their strengths and further benefit DoD customers, according to Kappler President and CEO Laura Kappler-Roberts.

“We know protective clothing — in fact we pioneered most of the major technology in use around the world — and ADS delivers superior DoD support,” Kappler-Roberts said.

“We are confident that military responders will gain much from this new relationship.”

All Kappler products are proudly made in the USA at the corporate headquarters and manufacturing campus located in Guntersville, AL.