L3 Achieves On-Time Delivery of First USAF KC-10 CLS Aircraft

L3 Technologies has delivered the first KC-10 aircraft under the U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) contractor logistics support (CLS) contract.

The on-time delivery is a significant milestone for the USAF KC-10 CLS program.

L3’s Vertex Aerospace division received the aircraft in January 2017 and, in collaboration with subcontractor and primary depot provider HAECO/TIMCO of Greensboro, North Carolina, completed a heavy maintenance check, known as a C-check, in under six months.

Michael T. Strianese, L-3’s Chairman & CEO
Michael T. Strianese, L-3’s Chairman & CEO

“This is an important achievement that demonstrates our expertise and scope of services on the CLS program,” said Michael T. Strianese, L3’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“The Air Force is a longtime valued customer and we continue to work closely with them as a trusted partner to ensure ongoing KC-10 mission effectiveness.”

Under the current contract, L3 provides Contractor Operated and Maintained Base Supply (COMBS), Field Service Representative (FSR) and depot maintenance support for 59 USAF KC-10 aircraft, as well as COMBS and FSR support for the Aerial Refueling System for two Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10 aircraft.

L3 provides all support for the program, including labor, materials, tools, equipment, parts and transportation.

Mark Von Schwarz, President of L3’s Aerospace Systems business segment
Mark Von Schwarz, President of L3’s Aerospace Systems business segment

“Over the past 30 years, L3 Vertex Aerospace is the only company to achieve on-time delivery of its first aircraft to undergo a C-check during the program transition,” said Mark Von Schwarz, President of L3’s Aerospace Systems business segment, which includes Vertex Aerospace.

“We are proud to provide proven solutions that advance the Air Force’s mission around the world.”

While the most recent USAF KC-10 CLS contract was awarded in 2016, Vertex Aerospace also provided logistics support for the KC-10 fleet from 1993 through 1998.

L3 Vertex Aerospace, located in Madison, Mississippi, is an aerospace and defense support services contractor specializing in the delivery of integrated contractor logistics support for aircraft, ground vehicles and other defense systems.

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L3 is also a prime contractor in aerospace systems, security and detection systems, and pilot training. The company reported 2016 sales of $10.5 billion.