L3’s ClearScan EDS for Cabin Baggage Achieves European Cert

L3 Technologies’ ClearScan automated explosives detection system for carry-on baggage has achieved the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC-EU) C2 Standard under ECAC’s testing program.

This standard enables passengers to keep their electronic devices in carry-on bags as they pass through checkpoints, resulting in an expedited process without compromising security.

Michael T. Strianese, L-3’s Chairman & CEO
Michael T. Strianese, L-3’s Chairman & CEO

“Receiving this key certification level for ClearScan is a significant milestone toward deployment at airports throughout Europe,” said Michael T. Strianese, L3’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“Aviation security is a core business for L3, and we remain determined to improve and enhance the airport security experience for the traveling public.”

The L3 ClearScan cabin baggage screener uses CT technology and advanced algorithms to deliver the highest level of explosives threat detection at an unprecedented false alarm rate.

The aviation security system is designed to detect solid and liquid explosives, as well as HMEs, to the latest regulatory requirements without the need for any divestment.

This offers the highest level of passenger convenience, allowing for liquids and electronics to be screened while remaining in cabin baggage.

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Enhanced Security

  • Combines dual-energy CT technology and advanced explosives detection
  • Detects solid, liquid, sheet explosives and smaller emerging threats such as home-made explosives

Improved Passenger Convenience

  • Eliminates divesting of liquids and electronics allowing passengers to save time and use less trays
  • A low false alarm rate reduces the number of bag re-check searches required
  • Optional integration with automated tray return system (TRS)

L3’s ClearScan has the smallest footprint of any available computed tomography (CT) system, facilitating seamless integration into existing aviation checkpoints.

When combined with L3’s automated baggage handling systems and integrated with the company’s security management software, airports benefit from meaningful operating cost reductions while expediting passengers through the checkpoint.

“ClearScan has delivered proven operational performance with enhanced automated detection at major airport checkpoints throughout Europe, Asia and Africa,” added Al Weggeman, President of L3 Security & Detection Systems.

Al Weggeman, President of L3 Security & Detection Systems

“We’re pleased to deliver security solutions that provide a better overall experience for airline passengers.”

“This industry-leading integrated solution has demonstrated benefits for both airport operators and passengers.”

With more than 50,000 systems deployed and supported around the globe, L3 Security & Detection Systems (L3 SDS) is a leading supplier of security screening solutions.

L3For more than 30 years, L3 SDS has developed and manufactured cutting-edge products using advanced technologies that include networking; 3-D computed tomography; automated, conventional and high-energy X-ray; radiation detection; active millimeter wave imaging; metal detection; and energetic trace explosives detection.

L3 SDS solutions are used by the aviation and transportation industries, regulatory and customs authorities, government and law enforcement agencies, and commercial and other secure facilities.

Applications include the screening of people, vehicles, baggage, cargo and packages for explosives, firearms, drugs, contraband and corporate assets.